15″ New Snow in Telluride | Expansion of Open Terrain | World Cup SBX Training Underway

December 6th, 2011 by
Chair 5 - Photo: Jared Vincent

Things are looking up in Telluride with about 15 new inches of snow over the past few days, added terrain in the Chair 5 zone, and some beautiful sunny days … Read More

Early Season Struggles : Telluride Terrain Report – 11/29/11

November 29th, 2011 by
Unofficial Telluride - Bicknell psyched!

Being out of town for the Holidays, today was my first day skiing at the resort for the season. I guess not much has changed since our opening day report … Read More

Want to ski Aspen for $50/day? How about Winter Park and Steamboat as well? | Colorado Triple Play Pass

November 9th, 2011 by
Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 10.46.12 AM

There is an awesome new pass option for Colorado skiers looking to get in some days at different mountains for a relatively good deal. The new pass is called the … Read More

Powder Skiing in Telluride, CO Yesterday | Tasty October Pow and Telluride Brewing Co. Beers.

October 29th, 2011 by

The San Juans may not have gotten as much snow as Loveland, Summit County, or even Denver, but today was an amazing ski day in the Telluride backcountry. With a decent base from recent storms and about a foot or so of fresh snow the last few days, the conditions were stable and super fun out there. Nothing wrong with dry pow, blue skies, and a mountain to yourselves. We couldn’t really ask for anything else!

After a few laps in the high country, some cold beers at the Telluride Brewing Company were a wonderful thing and well earned. These guys are only a few weeks into their new operation and doing some great things out in Lawson Hill. They have an awesome space, their beers are delicious, and they are great guys! Check them out ASAP.

Today was a perfect October day in Colorado…

Awesome MTB Freeriding in Grand Junction, CO | 2011 Hucktoberfest @ The Grassroots Ranch.

October 26th, 2011 by

This past weekend was Hucktoberfest at the “Ranch”, a super bad-ass private Mountain Bike complex in nearby Grand Junction, CO. Two of our friends, Telluride local rippers Jon Yaseen and Trevor Martin were at the event and were kind enough to get some footage for Unofficial. Jon had the following to say about the event:

Every Spring and Fall the “Ranch” by Grassroots Cycles hosts amazing freeride events: the Ranchstyle Mountain Bike Festival and Hucktoberfest. This past weekend’s Hucktoberfest was a blast at the Ranch, where the event took shape as a benefit for injured rider Evan Guthrie. Evan took a serious brain injury this past Spring while practicing for the Ranchstyle Festival. Thankfully Evan is making positive signs of recovery!

For those who missed the fun, donations are being accepted toward his benefit by mailing to: Grassroots Cycles, 401 Colorado Ave, Grand Junction CO 81501.

True to the organizers’ name, these events and the location have an inspiring grassroots vibe, while developing and attracting amazing freeride mountain bike talent! The Ranch is a rare place: pump tracks, slalom race courses, big flowy jumps, wooden features, and gullies that beg to be shredded to bits by capable riders! A big thanks to Grand Junction-based Grassroots Cycles for making a dream freeride area like the Ranch a reality!

One of the amazing aspects of living in Colorado is big POW skiing as early as October 8th, amazing singletrack an hour away the next day, and having places like the Ranch to shred almost year-round. 



“This is Norway” | Salomon Freeski TV Season 5 Episode 3

October 25th, 2011 by
YouTube Preview Image

Salomon Freeski TV dropped their 3rd episode today and features some soulful skiing in Norway. The riders in this weeks episode are Mike Douglas, Asmund Thorsen, Enak Gavaggio, and Eirik Finseth. The terrain and skiing looks awesome in Norway, a lot of the tree skiing looks like “Vermont on Steroids.” Really love the ‘wall of giant marshmallows’ starting at the 3:35 mark, you can really see Mike Douglas’ mogul background here as he rips the ‘bumps’…

The following is from Salomon Freeski TV:

“It’s unlikely there is any place on earth with as rich of ski history as Norway. Skiing is woven through every part of Norwegian culture and there is nowhere more beautiful to illustrate this than along the snowy Fjords of the Sogndal region.”

Marshmallow Fields Forever...

Mike Douglas skiing some Norwegian Marshmallows

CLASSIC! | Telluride Visa Commercial from 1994 Lillehammer Olympics

October 24th, 2011 by
YouTube Preview Image

“At Telluride Ski Resort, they’ll let you take the Plunge…but they won’t take American Express.”

Rediscovering this classic Visa ad that ran for the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer, I realized this is definitely the first time I had ever seen or heard of Telluride as a kid. Lot’s of great shots in here including what looks like the North Chute headwall(?), some sweet early 90′s gear and style and of course that trademark ‘voice’ that adds just so much drama to it all. Love that guy!

I think they should bring back these trail signs, this Plunge sign is awesome!


Telluride Visa Commercial 1994 Lillehammer Olympics

Anyone know who the skiers are in this clip?





Best chairlift in CO? | Telluride’s Chair 14: The Gold Hill Express

October 18th, 2011 by
Top of Telluride's Chair 14 - Photo from Dave's Blog

What’s the best chairlift in Colorado you ask? Look no further than Telluride’s Chair 14, less commonly known as The Gold Hill Express. In my opinion, it doesn’t get much … Read More

Telluride landmarks featured in Coors Banquet Beer commercial | Ajax Peak & Sheridan Bar.

October 13th, 2011 by
Coors Banquet Commercial Telluride Ajax Peak

Remember this past winter when the Sheridan Bar’s windows were covered up and there were film trucks out on Main St? Well they were filming a Coors commercial and I … Read More

Mountain Biker Gets CRUSHED By Huge Antelope in Africa | CRAZY Video!

October 10th, 2011 by
YouTube Preview Image

This video is some CRAZY S#%T and  about to BLOW UP online all over the place! This is evidence why you shouldn’t host Mountain Bike races in the Serengeti of Africa! Dudes just lucky this wasn’t a Lion or something and didn’t get eaten out there.

Definitely safe to say this little incident ruined this guys day. OUCH!

Antelope takes out Mountain Biker in Africa

I guess this Antelope looking animal is called a Red Hartebeest and they can get to around 350lbs.