ICE USA Ski Poles- The Greatest Poles You Can’t Buy

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ICE USA ski poles are probably the best poles ever made. Unfortunately, the company is long gone and they are pretty hard to come by now. I have had mine … Read More

Improved Snowfall for the Rockies this Season? | It’s Snow Dance Time!

August 8th, 2012 by

Last ski season had a promising start with an early snow storm that hit Colorado in October of 2011, unfortunately there wasn’t that much snow after that and Rocky Mountain … Read More

I’m Skiin’ Down to Gorrona….Swishin’ Down the Slope

May 24th, 2012 by
YouTube Preview Image

[In case you missed it the first time around] This video is some gaper gold from Telluride recently.  WARNING it is an extremely poorly shot Go Pro video but is absolutely hilarious.  It is a guy talking to himself in an expletive-laced journey to ‘Gorrona’.  He’s passing his bros and having the time of his life.  I like whole thing for entertainment value, but the ’nice, smooth, easy swishing, FEEL THE RUSH BABY!‘ part had me dying laughing.  Any bets on where this guy is from?  It is great to see people of all ability levels and walks of life killing it on the slopes of T-ride.

The Nugget Theatre – Telluride Local Review

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Telluride’s Nugget Theatre is one of the most unique movie theaters I have been too. This place is a real gem in the community and I personally love seeing movies … Read More

Video: Spring Pow and Tight Couloirs in Telluride’s High Country

May 14th, 2012 by

Our winter season ended quite abruptly here in Telluride with warm days and little snow. This is a look back at some of the better days this spring up in the surrounding high country.

Huge thanks to Casey Riva for bagging some of the footage for us and to everyone else involved over the season. Cheers to a great year despite all the tragedy and hopes of a safer, deeper 2013.


Tom Chapman Informed Trails Are Public By County Commissioners…OH SNAP!!!

April 6th, 2012 by
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Old buddy Tom Chapman has been told to go suck a D this week after the San Miguel County Board of Commissioners released historical info proving that the public can … Read More

Snow Takes a Break Until Next Week in the Rockies

March 21st, 2012 by

The snow has been falling over the Rockies this past week bringing up to 3 feet of snow in many places, but we will have a break the next 5 days … Read More

VIDEO: Foot of Fresh in Telluride…Tree Skiing Was Going Off Yesterday – 3/19/12

March 20th, 2012 by

Winter returned to Telluride the last few days with a lingering storm dropping a foot of new snow in the mountains through yesterday. With 50 degree + temps and sun all last week, this storm really hit the reset button on winter bringing our base back up over 65″.

Yesterday was one of the finest pow days of the season here in the San Juans with overnight winds blowing the snow deep in the trees. It continued snowing all day yesterday and into the night picking up an additional 6″ bringing the base to 70″ for the first time this season here at Telluride. The mountain is skiing great again with nice weather in the forecast.

Nice way to start off spring…will this be our last storm of the season?


History Of The Lange Girls | 4 Decades of Sex on the Slopes.

March 13th, 2012 by

Hot chicks and skiing are a winning combination and no one does it better than Lange. Sex sells and Bob Lange figured this out in the early 70′s with their … Read More

Storms Keep Rolling Through Telluride – 11″ in 48 Hours…More on the Way!

February 29th, 2012 by

With 11″ of new snow in the past 48 hours, Telluride continues to impress with stellar conditions and excellent skiing. The last few storms have come in with some wind causing the snow to be drifted in areas and the ridge lines scoured. Despite this Telluride has a deep base of over 60″ filling in and covering our rocky terrain nicely.

The trees off Chair 9 were the spot to be yesterday, protected from the wind and skiing deep. The snow was dense and creamy and skiing fast. The upper mountain lifts didn’t open until around 1pm due to high winds but were a nice treat to those who stayed out for the afternoon.

This morning’s highlight was the opening of Revy Bowl which was shreded and tracked out in no time. Fun stuff up there…

Revy Bowl

Revelation Bowl

Another storm is approaching Colorado now with snow expected from late tonight through Friday here in the San Juans. NOAA is calling for 7-18″ here in Telluride by Friday at this point. Lookin’ good…

NOAA Telluride

NOAA Forecast for Telluride