Watch: 10 Year Old Girl’s First K40 Ski Jump [Classic Post]

March 18th, 2014 by

Watch this 10-year-old girl conquer her fear and step up to a K40 ski jump.  

Stowe OPEN Saturday For Pass Holders

November 13th, 2013 by

Confirmed! Stowe Season Pass Holders are invited to sample the snow at Stowe on Saturday! The FourRunner Quad will operate as we welcome Stowe season pass holders only, from 8am … Read More

First Powder Day of The Year @ Stowe, VT

November 12th, 2013 by

“A surprise foot of snow at Stowe made for some fantastic early season conditions!” -

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Photos: 32″ Of New Snow This Week For Stowe, VT

March 25th, 2013 by

Photos: 32″ Of New Snow This Week For Stowe, VT

Stowe Fires Up New Snowmaking System! It works, skiing is rad but let’s not forget its still October!!

October 15th, 2012 by
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Yeah, Yeah Killington opened for skiing this weekend.  But does downloading 2/3rds of the mountain count?

The beauty of Stowe skiing is that the lift deposits riders at the top and down you go.  One lift, big vert and back to the top.  No gimmicks, no run outs just in your face skiing.

This summer, Stowe Mountain Resort has invested in a significant snowmaking upgrade that coupled with a gigantic pond of water, is sure to provide superb top to bottom skiing once the temps reach, and STAY below the magical below freezing mark.  

Sure, The Beast was open for the weekend, but seriously it was almost 70 today.  Don’t you think a sketchy, wet, leaf encrusted ride on some fine local single track is a better use of time?  Skiing will come, when the time is right.

In the meantime, kudos to Stowe for investing in a snowmaking system that can answer the call when Mother Nature lets us down.  From the looks of it, the upgrades are extensive and will keep skiers turning regardless of what ridiculousness is sent our way from the stratosphere.

SMR, just don’t forget to flip the upgraded snowmaking switch post obnoxious thaw in January, February or March when the skis are waxed and the summer toys are hanging on hooks!




Epic JH Powder Skiing In 1967!!! Bob Smith, RIP, Testing the New No-Fog Goggle // Was Skiing Better Back in the Day??

April 27th, 2012 by
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Skier, doctor and inventor Dr. Bob Smith passed away on April 18th.  For more on Dr. Bob Smith, see Jake’s post.

Watching this video of Dr. Bob testing his no fog goggle concept, you have to wonder:  

Was skiing better back in the day?  


Is it even possible today to ski lift served untracked beneath a mid-day sun and then launch through the trees onto a clean ribbon of untracked?  Skip to 4:25 to see Pepi Stiegler, long time JH ski school director do it…

Bottomless, fresh tracks as the sun sets on the South Hoback Trail?  Skip to 5:11

Edit below, although awesome, shows the Fingers at Squaw essentially tracked out in less than a minute.

YouTube Preview Image


The game has changed.  Gone are the endless days of untracked down The Starr, complete your eights on High Rustler or thoughtfully considering a myriad of options off The Cornice Bowl.  The tradeoff being, thanks to scores of high speed lifts, fat skis and etc., that huge amounts of vertical can be racked up in a day.  Still, doesn’t multiple laps of unhurried face shots seem better?


Bob Smith, in deep

Dr. Bob Smith testing face shot goggle compliance, JH 1967


Scoring first tracks in today’s world involves a lack of sleep, a mad rush to the hill, and this:


Waiting for the lifts to open on a powder day

An hour before opening bell, securing a spot to catch at least one run of untracked.


It also requires a mental checklist for line A,B,C or …. in case the ripper in front of you gets there first.

Today, it’s one (maybe two) laps and the game of untracked is over.  Sure, resorts with staggered lift openings provide a chance to replicate the untracked, but not without plenty of competition and a do over of checklists provided above.  Obviously, the crafty locals who frequent these pages can dip into a plethora of stashes for their fix, but top to bottom can be hard to come by lunchtime.

Dick Barrymore sums it up it in the clip above from “The Last of the Ski Bums” when he says:

“There were A FEW people riding the cable car and sticking to the groomed trails…”


When the genie appears to grant three wishes, a ski bum season back in the day should be included on the list!  Assuming, of course the Fatties, Smith Goggles and Gortex come with the package.












April Powder May Bring Smiles

April 12th, 2012 by

Well some people have been “over it” and keep saying this season stinks. These are the types of people who do not know how to have good time with what you got. The mountain in March experienced  one of the worst and fastest melts ever, at least according to the olde tymers who have been here for longer than I have walked this planet. It was sweet spring skiing. I am happy though now. We just received 2 feet + of snowfall in 24 hours and I got to experience some amazing surfy turns the morning of April 10th. Live in the present and enjoy what we have now. Cause its freaking awesome! The feeling of floating on powder snow has not been felt since February and man was it great to do some cloud nine type skiing. The new fallen heavy west powder should give us amazing corn skiing once its gets baked to perfection.



Stowe Conditions Update!! It’s dumping, dumping, dumping…be here tomorrow, it’s gonna be good!! (all things considered)

March 29th, 2012 by

Four days ago men in skivvies, fluorescent clad mono skiers, pink shirts / white pom pom’s and waterfalls was skiing in Stowe.   (photos courtesy of WOMBATS – VT)   … Read More

9 Days to go!!! Stowe Mountain Will Close Sunday April 1st. Get it while you can!!!!

March 23rd, 2012 by

Just Announced: As of Sunday April 1st, lift serve skiing will be over at Stowe Mountain Resort!   Can’t say this is surprising news given the fact that March 2012 … Read More

Record Heat Wave in the Northeast Melting All the Snow | 85ºF in Burlington, VT This Week

March 20th, 2012 by
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It was only 2 Tuesdays ago that we were talking about the 5 feet of snow that had fallen over the prior 2 weeks at Stowe.  The conditions were the best … Read More