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“Slide” Show: Looking at avalanche activity around Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

January 4th, 2012 by
No Name Face

  The snowpack is sensitive out there. Hell, the snowpack basically has a haripin trigger. As shown in the video from Pucker Face, if you’re heading into the backcountry, it’s … Read More

BC Backcountry Avalanche- Silent Pass | Sensitive BC Snowpack

December 30th, 2011 by
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With the utmost respect to the Whistler Ski Patroler that passed away yesterday, this video demonstrates the sensitivity of the snowpack in BC.

Short and to the point, the slide starts at about 0:30. As the credits note, the skier noticed no earlier activity and is well out of the alpine. I wont try to armchair quarterback the angle of the slope, but it doesn’t look particularly steep where the fracture began, and it seemed to propagate with a lot of energy. Be safe out there!