Water Biking | Cool or Lame?

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“Founded by Judah Schiller, BayCycle Project is the first U.S. organizing body and community dedicated to bringing bikers of all levels to a new aquatic frontier in biking. A new way to ride a bike across the water, water biking combines the high calorie-burning activity of cycling with an ever-changing aquatic terrain. It may also serve as a new form of transportation for cities without bike lanes on bridges.” baycycleproject.com


VIDEO: 34 Miles Per Hour Down A Drainage Ditch in A Kayak!

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Kayaker, Ben Marr, rockets down a concrete drainage ditch into Lions Bay, British Columbia at 56 kilometers (34 miles) per hour!

The Limits of Kayaking – MONSTER HUCKS

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70 Feet

In this clip kayaker Evan Garcia dropping 70 feet off Outlet Falls. He also drinks a PBR and says a lot of stuff like “Living the Dream” and “It’s in my Soul”.

Waterfall kayaking has emerged as a dominant subset of whitewater paddling—thrilling audiences and pushing athletes to constantly tempt higher falls. It is constantly glorified and frequently misunderstood by all but the small group of kayakers who make waterfalls their life.

Evan Garcia explores what it means to kayak off of big waterfalls—considering both the risks and rewards of a life driven by freefall.

90 Feet

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Extreme kayaker Isaac Levinson talks to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about riding down Alabama’s Noccalula Falls.

98 Feet

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Extreme kayaking waterfall drop amassing clip of extreme kayakers.

180 Feet

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Who the hell leaves their mom a message “going to do a little boating, hopefully I will make it home tonight”. 

Tyler Bradt completes the World Record Waterfall Descent. This drop was re-measured at 189 ft. A few feet taller then we had previously thought… Tyler sustained minor injuries which included a sprained wrist and a massive hit.


Classic Post: The Jamie Pierre’s Of Kayaking | They’ll Send Anything

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Your ski-hucking days are probably over for the season unless you are up in AK right now. For the rest of humanity though, summer is here and even if you don’t kayak you can still appreciate the mad-sick-nasty-Gnar-face waterfall drops in this video. Clearly, these guys are insane. But that is good for our viewing pleasure. This is Bomb Flow TV Episode 9 and it is a little long to watch in one sitting, but in its entirety it is well made and nicely edited. I found myself skipping the transportation segments and watching the huckfest that seems to never end.

The drops at 14:19 were my favorite, especially the first of the double stage. It went something like this: ferry across river above waterfal to tiny eddy. If you miss this eddy you go splat on the rocks below. Drop off the side of the falls and recover in the little pool. Don’t f*ck up the first drop because the big drop is 8 feet downstream. Send big falls. Celebrate. Repeat.

Summer is here in my book. Watch this and get stoked for boating season! Oh It’s called “Go To Church” by the way.

VIDEO | Bam Margera’s 100ft Tandem Kayak Drop

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Here’s the video to accompany last weeks post about Bam Margera being hospitalized after he attempted a 100 foot waterfall drop in a two person kayak. This video is from May 31st when Bam Margera and Pro kayaker Steve Fisher attempt the stunt. Bam appears to be fine in the video but I guess he went to the hospital for emergency hernia surgery.

Bam claims it to be the gnarliest thing he has ever done.

Do you think Bam is a P*ssy? Remember when he cried because he got locked in a horse trailer w/ a snake:

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What are your thoughts on BAM?

Jackass Star Bam Margera Hospitalized After 100ft TANDEM KAYAK PLUNGE!

June 4th, 2012 by
Bam Margera

 Yeah I’m sure you’re all thinking the same thing that I am, WHAT A JACKASS! Bam Margera attempted this stunt on May 31st with professional kayaker Steve Fisher in Oregon.  … Read More

20-Foot Long “Rail” Slide in a Kayak | This Could Pump You Up For Summer

May 1st, 2012 by

Some snow sliders are also kayakers and vice-versa, but all extreme athletes can appreciate insane kayaking like this. if you have some more time explore the whole Rider of the Year II Awards site and check out some other videos, but Taylor Robertson‘s log slide down a waterfall, although without a tall tee, brings some winter swagger into kayaking. Clearly the limits of kayaking are far from being reached, just like skiing.yep

Just like on snow. Photo: Jason Terry 

The Psychology Behind Adrenaline Junkies | Transcendence Trailer | The Extreme Sports Experience

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Southern Underground Productions

Over the past year and a half Josh Neilson has been working on a project exploring some of the psychology behind the extreme sports experience. While researching the topic he came across work by Dr Eric Brymer and began to read his thesis. His findings were so interesting that Josh decided to approach him about turning some of his work into a documentary. Josh worked with athletes such as William Trubridge, Alison Gannett, Mike Abbott, Jokke Sommer and will be shooting with Vanessa Quinn.

“Expect more interesting insights into what goes on in the body and mind of these athletes as they develop their skills throughout life all the way through their chosen extreme activities and see how they develop as a person as a result of it all.” -Josh 

This film is due to be released through a series of premieres in New Zealand in April. 

Kayaking: Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone

August 29th, 2011 by

Editor’s note: Eric Seymour is a professional kayaker with descents all over the world. This is a recent trip report from the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone located in Montana and Wyoming

by Eric Seymour

The Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone, Box has never been really high on my hit list.  Living in Wyoming for the past 7 years, I have spent my time exploring the Wind’s and going on trips back to California (where I started paddling).  I had heard horror stories about the Box containing terrible portages, ugly sieves, and undercuts everywhere.  I finally decided to check the run off my list this year as I was desperate to paddle after spending two weeks on the road working for Eddie Bauer in Seattle and New York City.  I had a five day break in which I flew flew back to Jackson from NYC .

With only five days before I had to return back to NYC, I made some phone calls and found a group going to the Box. The trip was being led by Clarks Fork veteran Aaron Pruzan.  I was ready to go, but really needed my wingman Gary Edgeworth to join the trip.  With a lot of persuasive messages to “The Edge,” he finally agreed to join me for our first trip down the Box.

We woke early rallied through Yellowstone to the put-in.  Getting on the river felt amazing.  I finally let out a huge sigh of relief, knowing that no matter how bad I thought the trip was going to be, I was truly in my element.  We cruised through the Honeymoon section and arrived at the legendary Green Monster Portage.  This was supposedly the worst portage of the run, being over a mile long, walking through Grizzly infested woods.  With Pruzan’s help, we found the trail and cruised through the relatively easy portage in under 40 minutes.  ”Wow, that was easy,” I said with surprise to Gary and he completely agreed.

Downstream we entered into one of the most awe inspiring canyons I have ever paddled through.  The Clarks Fork Box is the 3rd deepest canyon in the lower 48 behind Hell’s Canyon of the Snake River and the Grand Canyon.  Vertical walls rose 2000 feet right next to the river and the rapids were amazing.  We found a beautiful sandy beach to camp. We spent time fishing, sitting next to a fire, and finally I fell asleep under the most magnificent blanket of stars I have ever seen.

I will put the Clarks Fork, Box on my yearly to do list.  I absolutely loved the run.  The rapids were big and fun, scenery unbeatable, and the portages were totally manageable.  Thanks to Pruzan for guiding us down the run, thanks to Gary for running all the big ones right by my side, and of course thanks to my Villain for taking care of me.


“Do NOT Mess With The Coast Guard”-Mike Krukow | Off The Wall Sh#t

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Not only does this guy freak out, jump off his paddle board (leaving his 7 year old son to fend for himself), and swim in extremely polluted waters (500 yards from where the Navy used to dump oil, sewage, nuke waste, garbage, and diesel),

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