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Volkl Gotama | Unofficial Gear Review

November 12th, 2012 by

Buy your pair of Volkl Gotama at The new Volkl Gotama has long been a favorite in the ski industry. Undergoing a number of transformations over the past years, … Read More

Look Pivot 18 XXL Binding | Unofficial Gear Review

November 10th, 2012 by
look pivot 18 ski binding

Buy your pair of Look Pivot 18 XXL Bindings at The Look Pivot 18 XXL has withstood the test of time and remains the most burly and resilient binding … Read More

White Dot Preacher | Unofficial Gear Review

October 15th, 2012 by
White Dot Preachers

Video and Words by: Gavin Smith Whitedot Freeride makes high quality skis that are made to tackle big mountains.  Their all-mountain ski, “The Preacher,” does just that and more.  I ski on … Read More

Panda Poles | The Back Story | Essential Gear For The 12/13 Season

July 29th, 2012 by

If you haven’t heard yet what’s up with these intergalactic ski poles, then you obviously didn’t read Daryn Edmund’s review on Panda Poles.  Since then, you have been missing out the best ski pole out there. Period.  The guys at Panda Poles are about the coolest guys out there and on the list of the best skiers on the mountain.  Panda poles was founded by Oakley White Allen and Tanner Rosenthal.  Panda Poles was originally thought of on a chair lift, which is the second best think tank compared to the toilet.  However these poles are greater than what you just flushed while reading this on your phone.

Aside from the Bamboo construction and amazing grips for comfort in any situation, the part that puts these poles on top is the “Zero Drag Powder Baskets.”  We all hate skiing along pondering the universe only to suddenly have our arm seemingly ripped from our shoulders as our flat basket catches a branch.  With Panda Poles that is a thing of the past, and with a season like last year exposed bushes was a reality.  This season will be better and with a better season you need a pole that won’t sink into the POW we will be getting.


Now a lot of people complain about us writers being wrong, blah, blah, blah… But with 3 writers: Daryn, Kenjiro, and myself skiing with these, we have 3x the chances of being right!

Brain Floss – By: Shane McConkey | A Must Read!

July 5th, 2012 by

When the very first reverse camber ski, The Volant Spatula, was released to the public it came with a five page manual on how to ski them. Today, Shane McConkey’s … Read More

The SteriPen | Water Purification | Alpenglow Sports | Gear Review

June 26th, 2012 by
3 model overview

As August quickly approaches, the snow is melting, the wildflowers are going absolutely crazy, and the mosquitoes are almost unbearable! It must be backpacking season! This week we bring our … Read More

Unofficial Gear Review: GARUKA BARS

May 15th, 2012 by

No one likes being woken up by a Ranger at 7 am with his tazer drawn but if this were to happen and one was to be ticketed for illegal … Read More

Unofficial Networks Beanie | Gear Review

April 15th, 2012 by
Unofficial hat gear review

Rare items are sought after and often expensive. The Unofficial Networks pom-pom beanie is rare, YES, and sought after, CERTAINLY. Expensive? Not yet. This is simply a fantastic item of … Read More

Causwell Massif Jacket | Gear Review

April 3rd, 2012 by

The Massif jacket, part of Causwell’s Mountain Division is my everyday insulator. It is a light weight synthetic down jacket that is easily packable, and has a water resistant nylon … Read More

Flylow Tough Guy Glove | Best Bang for the Buck Glove

March 9th, 2012 by

tough guy gloveFlylow – Tough Guy Glove $28.00 MSRP

Flylow doesn’t just make great jackets and pants, they have some pretty great gloves too.  The Flylow Tough Guy Glove is the “best bang for the buck glove” on the market.  If you are a cheap skier looking to save some $$$$ this is the glove for you.

Compared to the classic Kinco’s gloves from any hardware store priced at $7-12.  This glove will keep you dry, warm, and stoked that you spent a little more dough instead of drinking beer for an evening.

Why does every ski patroler wear work gloves while skiing? The answer is simple, because they are just as tough as $150 leather palm gloves and they breath better,  keeping you drier longer.  Dry hands = warm hands. 

Flylow’s Process of keeping the Tough guy glove - TOUGH

We took the classic 1/2 leather work glove and made it nice: the fingers fit right, the stitching is consistent and the leather is nice and soft.  Then we bring on our crack glove baking team to heat up the gloves and apply Astko’s SnoSeal Bees Wax treatment to the gloves.  But that’s not all!  Then they bake them again, coat them again and bake them one final time to give you the best pair of work gloves a guy (or gal) could ask for.  Triple baked for your comfort!

I give this glove 8/10.  The comfort ease of use, and reliability of easy on and easy off make this a great backup glove or all mountain slayer.  The only downfall is that in wet cold environments the leather sometimes freezes up giving you frozen fingers.  But that happens with all leather gloves without a vapor barrier. It is a good problem to have, meaning you are skiing cold pow all day long!  Check out this video explaining the triple baked process.

YouTube Preview Image
  • - Cow Hide
  • - -60 Gram Heat Rac Polyester insulation
  • - SnoSeal Triple Baked by Big Al

Sure, you can buy $12 Kinco work gloves at the hardware store and they’ll be shot after one wet storm. Or you can buy Flylow’s $25 Tough Glove Gloves our or $40 insulated Ridge Gloves and we’ll slather then (twice) with waterproofing Sno-Seal then bake then (twice) in our backyard oven.

To purchase the Flylow Tough Guy Glove visit.