Carston Oliver

Super Sweet Dirt Jump Edit: I Street w/ Carston Oliver

July 11th, 2013 by

Photog/Filmer duo Jonathan Cracroft and Timothy Jones set out to film some dope dirt jumping at SLC’s classic jump area I Street earlier this year. To make the edit pop they needed a rider that had both the skills and the work ethic to session the a line relentlessly. Lucky for them they were able to wrangle my favorite all mountain athlete Carston Oliver into the mix. If you dont know Carston you will someday. He is the best under the radar skier on the planet in my opinion and allegedly just as good on a bike. Check this out!

John’s words:

Despite being an unofficial bike park, Salt Lake City’s I-Street jumps have been around for over 18 years and are well known by locals and visitors alike. Over the years it has grown into a maze of lines that has something for everyone, from beginners to pros. “The Long Line” or “Buckaroo” doesn’t have the biggest jumps or gnarliest features, but at 21 jumps long it is definitely the best bang for your buck. In this video, we follow local rider Carston Oliver on a trip down the Long Line.



Mega Banger Season Edit | Eric Balken Cold Killin’ It

April 2nd, 2012 by

Eric Balken’s best of video from last season is very very impressive. Anyone who hates on this edit is clearly lacking in the intelligence department. Balken can shred pow, stomp massive drops, and do doubles too. I usually see this fella shredding around with his homie Carston Oliver, who also has a few tricks up his sleeve. Nice work brother! Hope you can make one this good again this season even with the lean quantity of snow in the lower 48.

Do you have a banger season edit? Remember, if it isn’t on Facebook it never happened!

Beautiful South American Skiing and a Huge 1080 | Carston Oliver and Sweetgrass Productions

February 11th, 2012 by

Carston Oliver is one of the most talented all around skiers in todays freeride scene. His ability to hike all day, ski big lines, and throw down wild tricks off huge features is matched by few and surpassed by only a handful. He is a Utah boy and has been relatively unknown until the last season or two due to his modest personality and lack of interest in self promotion. However, he does like to shoot photos and video, so his skiing ability alone has brought him more into the public eye with Carston starring in Sweetgrass Productions new movie Solitaire, showing up on a Patagonia catalog cover, tons of photos in Skiing Magazine and Powder in 12 months.

This edit highlights some of the radness that Carston and the Sweetgrass guys got into down South last Summer. Looks like a sick place to visit.

Check out Carston’s 1080 off a 70+ foot cliff here.

Generation Alta – Salomon Freeski TV Season 5-Episode 8

December 6th, 2011 by
YouTube Preview Image

Salomon Freeski TV just dropped their latest episode in their on-going web series of clips. Episode 8 takes a look at the ski culture and passion of Alta locals. Featuring rippers Leo Ahrens, Jamey Parks, Carston Oliver, and other area locals shredding Alta’a famous pow, trees, and steeps both in bounds and in the expansive backcountry.

One of North America’s Pow skiing meccas, Alta is a true classic and a rare experience in the skiing world.

This clip was produced along with Sweetgrass Productions, featuring their soulful vibe and unique camera work. Very artsy…very awesome! The following is taken from Salomon Freeski TV:

“Alta, Utah has almost a cult-like following of devoted powder skiers. Leo Ahrens, Jamey Parks, and the many generations of Alta shredders show us the soul of skiing is alive and well in one of the best powder skiing spots on earth.”

Witt Foster looking like a longtime local...

Witt Foster looking like a longtime local...

Leo Ahrens getting deep in his backyard

Leo Ahrens getting deep in his backyard

Jamey Parks assigned to dawn patrol

Jamey Parks assigned to dawn patrol


Opening Weekend Powder Skiing at Alta

November 21st, 2011 by

There was a good dose of new powder at Alta this weekend. This video was shot in the Ho in the late afternoon. There was still a ton of soft stuff and faceshots were still possible until last chair. This beat the hell out of skiing the White Ribbon of death at Snowbird. There were several severe injuries at Snowbird this weekend due to thin cover and poor choices.

The below video was shot by Matt from Ski Utah and will give you a feel for what the morning was like. It was like really really good!

YouTube Preview Image

More Powder/Rock Skiing at Alta Today

October 7th, 2011 by

The snow gods did not bring us more snow in the Wasatch last night, but that is ok because there was enough yesterday to make it happen again up at Alta this morning. A 7:15am start got us to the goods by 9:00. Baldy Shoulder near the Badnews Cliffs was bangin’ sometimes literally since rocks were still strewn about liberally. I have heard rumors of a warm up, so if you want to get some you better make it happen this weekend!

Dubsatch Crew Going Big in Chile

August 3rd, 2011 by

The Dubsatch Crew is know for going big and having fun in any situation. It makes perfect sense that while other pro bros were chillin’ at the bar during another stormy day at La Parva they would be out building large jumps off of buildings. Way to go Carston and whoever else is down there right now.

I can’t wait to see what Carston, Eliel, and Hoji got while shooting with Sweetgrass this summer on a remote glacier in SA.

Dubsatch’s Newest Flick

June 7th, 2011 by

More goods fromt he Dubsatch Crew. The sections for Leo, Carston and Colter near the end are super dope. There is also some really terrible wangsta rapping by Christian Mandal. Ah to be young…

Sweetgrass Webisode from Las Lenas

June 6th, 2011 by

Sounds like the fellas from Sweetgrass had to deal with some pretty big problems in SA last summer. I think the problem of Women is overblown a bit, but hey I have never been there so what do I know. I am not the least bit surprised that my young friend Carston Oliver was the lone skier to stick it out on a 1am-7am hike at -25 degrees. I have always said he is half rubber and half amazing. I can’t wait to see this video! Carston is heading back to SA with Sweetgrass next week to live on a glacier for a month and shoot with his buddy Eliel Hindert and Uber pro Eric Hjorleifson.

Carston and Balken Playing in the Snow

May 14th, 2011 by
Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 3.41.44 PM

The epic powder spring in Utah was something that too many people missed out on. Two people that did not miss even a little bit were Carston and Balken. These … Read More