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Insane Bike Video | Massive Death Exposure

December 27th, 2011 by
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I know it is Winter, but there is no good snow in Utah right now for me to make a worthwhile video for you. Fortunately, I came across this video of some crazy f*&king guys riding the nuttiest single track/hiking trail I have ever seen. I am thinking Nepal or India is the location. If anyone knows where this is let me know. It reminds me of new Unofficial Networks writer/King of POV Andrew Whiteford’s bike edit from Southern Utah, except 4.57 times gnarlier. What do you think A-Dub? Wanna shred this one?

The edit is a little long and slow paced, but the exposure here earns these guys the big balls award of the day in my book. The gnar starts at 0:22 and is pretty continuous from there.