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The Legend of the South American Santa Rosa Storm | Myth vs. Reality

July 28th, 2013 by
storm sinking ship

The Santa Rosa is a Legendary Storm that hits the Andes mountain range every year and leaves so much snow that people generally don’t even survive to count it all. … Read More

Pow Turns N Hucking Hollywood | Jackson is Going Off

February 23rd, 2012 by

The snow keeps getting better and better.  At first it started out with small snow falls.  That riding was pretty nice.  Then the skies opened up, resulting in over 30″ of snowfall.  Now the riding could be described as epic.  It is still possible to catch a random hard spot, but most of the mountain is covered with hero snow.  Throughout the storm, it was difficult to track up the mountain because of different lift closures.  The upper mountain was closed quite often for wind or avalanche danger.  When it was open, free refills were in full effect.

There were some complaints about a little rain lower down on the mountain. Guess some people will never be happy.  The snow at the bottom was a little wet.  If that is too difficult for you, maybe stay home.

Utah Gets Crushed!!! | Powder Galore in the LCC

January 22nd, 2012 by

Ski season finally started today in Little Cottonwood. The drive up was snowy and slippery, there were terrain closures due to avalanche danger, and yes it was pounding snow. Pounding like I have not seen it in a long long time, like 3″ to 5″ an hour pounding. Alta was the call today since the terrain at Snowbird was ultra limited due to wind and heavy snow fall. The Wildcat chair was epic, with soft landings and face shots for all.

Late day Collins was also epic, with Fred’s Trees skiing creamy good and fast. The traffic jam on the way down was pretty all time. We rolled the dice and found a place to crash at Alta tonight hoping that we can score some County Club laps tomorrow. With multiple slides crossing the road by 9:00pm tonight tomorrow might be a tough time to get up.  Good luck to all…

100+ Inches Forecasted for Mt. Baker, WA in the Next 3 Days (← photo of opening day)

November 20th, 2011 by
This photo is from Opening day 2011.  Wow.  photo:  Grant Gunderson/

They might not end up with all 100 of those inches, but I think it’s pretty clear that SOMETHING is gonna happen up there.  Mt. Baker people…are you ready?  You … Read More

36 Inches in 24 Hours + 152mph Winds = Squaw Closed for Day

February 25th, 2011 by

Squaw’s summit recorded a 152 mph wind gust at 11:30am today.  Exactly when they closed.  Things were really starting to get weird out there right about then.  This video proves it.

Squaw started the morning by not opening KT and sending us all over to Red Dog and Far Beast.  The lifts opened at 9:50am.  The skiing was deep, dreamy, and moonwalky for about an hour.  Then the winds came up and tried to savagely tear Squaw’s lifts off the mountain and send skiers flying off Red Dog Ridge.

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Squaw was STUPID DEEP Today – 40 inches of Snow

February 17th, 2011 by

Remember how in November we went from dirt to hucking into bottomless powder in 2 days.  Well, the exact same thing happened in February.  3 days ago we were skiing rock hard, 6 week old snow that was just itching to break your face.  Today, it was 3 foot deep, 5%, bottomless powder, and you could do anything you wanted.  I felt like superman today.

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