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By Fair Means | Full Length Film | Stoke From Austria

December 1st, 2012 by

This is a film out of Austria from a group of rippers. May be hard to understand some of the talking, but the riding speaks for itself.

Zach Giffin’s Ice Cave Drop | Behind the Shot from Black Diamond

November 1st, 2012 by

Zach Giffin is ballsy. Here’s a look at his MASSIVE ice cave air from last March in Glacier Bay, AK.

Skip to 1:30 for the POV footage of the drop itself.

For more of Black Diamond’s Behind the Shot videos, visit their Vimeo page: Black Diamond

Contour Moments in Whistler With MSP (again) | This Time They’re Jumping

May 30th, 2012 by
YouTube Preview Image

Well the last MSP Contour Moments was not the final episode (as we thought) But this possibly is. Wait… probably not. MSP is in AK right now sessioning an even bigger jump. Anyway in this episode Russ Henshaw and Jacob Wester meet up with PK Hunder, Aidan Sheahan, and Richard Permin and learn to fly. Some cool action above epic backdrops and an outstanding Whislter Blackcomb sunset.

“This video provides a good tease of what you can expect to see from MSP in the fall when their 20th annual ski film releases” (NO SHIT)


VIDEO: Skiers Snowboarders Team Up for Good Cause… Going BIG | Mammoth West Coast Invitational 2012 Big Air Comp

May 11th, 2012 by

For the 2012 West Coast Invitational Mammoth shifted gears in a BIG way. For 10 years straight the WCI showcase event was a Snowboard Rail Jam at the Village. The powers-that-be decided it was time for a change… And, despite a markedly low snow year, Mammoth forged ahead with plans to move the excitement of WCI from the Village to Canyon Lodge.

A Village Rail Jam would forego something totally new for WCI – a skier/snowboarder paired Big Air Team Format Comp at Canyon Lodge. No snow at Canyon Lodge? No problem… Actually, more like BIG problem. A team of snowcats worked day and night to push a tremendous amount of snow from the lower slopes of Lincoln Mountain all the way down to Canyon Lodge to bring the massive Big Air jump to life.

The result? 1) A beautifully constructed 70-foot (90 to the sweet spot), true table, channel gap jump. 2) A spectacular display of top-caliber ski & snowboard talent under the prime-time lights – see video above for a sampling of the action that went down.

The comp was great. Teams of 1 skier and 1 snowboarder competed head to head, the team with the highest score advancing. As teams advanced the competition became more fierce, jaws dropped lower and lower.

Winners Bracket wci ski snowboard big air comp

Winners Bracket from the 2012 WCI Big Air Comp. image:

The verdict on the comp? Great venue, great comp format, some very worthy talent. Shortcomings? It needs a bigger audience. With a bigger crowd there would be that much more energy and excitement pulsing through the air. The natural “amphitheatre” that is Canyon Lodge would take hundreds (if not 1000s) to make it feel like a full house. How to draw more attendees? Spread the word… Mammoth Spring: awesome weather, great snow, top-notch freeride ski and snowboard comps and free live music.

TELUS Festival Ski Events | Geoff Jansen’s Competition Photos

April 26th, 2012 by

Check out some photos by Whistler local Geoff Jansen. His images are from the Big Air, Halfpip and Slopestyle competitions at the TELUS Fest. -ENJOY  BIG AIR HALFPIPE SLOPESTYLE Thanks … Read More

Remember when snowboarding was all about style? Massive Backside 180

April 25th, 2012 by

Remember when snowboarding was all about style? Big airs, slow rotations, stylish grabs and an emphasis on who could poke it the hardest, not who could triple a 1440? Rube Goldberg does. He showed up at the TWSSF big hip contest to remind you, and all the other huckers today that they should too with this MASSIVE backside 180 tailgrab. I hope people take notice, with all the hype on the Olympics, slopestyle and TTR events snowboarding is one rotation away from becoming aerials. Lets hear it for Rube Goldberg, the reigning mayor of Whistler for bringing snowboarding back to its roots.

TELUS Festival, The Final Day | Ski Superpipe

April 24th, 2012 by

Sunday April 22rd was the last day of the 2012 Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival and the last event was none other then the Super Pipe. Although my liver is happy the Festival is over it sure was one hell of a ride.  The weather for this contest as well as most of the others wasn’t all that great but at least it didn’t rain!  The event went off with skiers throwing down some huge doubles and getting some crazy amplitude.  After the half pipe event was over they had a big hit contest where one skier overshadowed everyone with a double cork in a thong, not quite BN Gnar points but its gotta count for something. As he rode away there was a noticeable bit of road rash on his back from the tumble, its definitely worth the watch!

TELUS Festival Day 8 | BIG AIR

April 23rd, 2012 by

Saturday April 21 of Whistler’s Telus Festival brought us the Big Air contest!  The Big Air is pretty much the biggest event of the Telus Fest.  For those who don’t know, the basically build a huge jump at the bottom of the mountain so that thousands of people can gather in the village to watch.  Of course this year in classic Whistler forum the weather didn’t really help to much.  There were still all the biggest names in Freestyle Skiing there to throw down but wasn’t really the spectator friendly sport if has been in the past.  During the finals it started to really pour rain which made speed a huge issue.  Most of the girls ended up knuckling the jump pretty bad making throwing any serious trick a risky move.  In the end the number one girl ended up winning with a 360, while the number one guy won with a double cork 1620, this begs the question, should there be a “ladies tee” in these competitions?

-And Gus Kenworthy took the win with a dub 1620

Tim Swartz Season Rewind | Alaska Spines, Jackson Cliffs, and Montana Hucks

April 18th, 2012 by
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Tim Swartz, of Moonlight Basin Freeskiing World Tour Qualifier Fame, was kind enough to put together a “rewind” edit of his season. From spines in Alaska, to S&S Couloir in Jackson, Tim got it done. There’s pow, pillows, and, or course, some hucks. Although the lifts may have stopped turning in a lot of places, this should hopefully give you some motivation to get out there a couple more times. Winter’s not over, yet!

Jake Teuton is Way Sicker than You Are | 16 Year Old that Goes 60+ Feet

March 25th, 2012 by

Jake Teuton is a name that you likely do not know unless you live in Revelstoke, BC or compete on the JFT. Here you can see him sending the hell out of a big one and stomping it. The bottom line is that Jake is a way better skier than you are or ever will be. He would never say this, but I am saying it for him. Jake was the fore-runner at the Freeskiing World Tour Qualifier at Revelstoke the last two season and he would have won both times if he was allowed to compete. He was not allowed because he was under the minimum age of 18…thank god for that! Check out the other angle!!!

To be honest Jake is one of the nicest and most humble young guys I have met in the freeskiing scene. His father is also a hell of a nice guy so it looks like the apple stayed pretty close to the tree. I look forward to seeking Jake on the FWT in two years.