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Robby Naish is in search of the worlds longest wave, and I gotta say it looks pretty dam fun. Imagine doing this! Imagine surfing for 2:15.

It’s only possible on a SUP


“Surfer Robby Naish visited Costa Rica in search of some of the longest waves in the world, which took him to the Pacific coast of the Central America country, specifically to Pavones and Boca Barranca, which are famous destinations for wave seekers”

Here’s the story behind finding the longest wave.

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  1. WindJohnny! says:

    “Hmmm I’m going to one of the best left hand point breaks in central America… geee what board should I bring? I know, I’ll bring my big pile of $^&t SUP that I use at home when it’s 1 foot, flat and I need exercise.”

  2. Tenderloin says:

    That’s an incredibly long ride. I can’t even imagine a ride that long. But, stand up paddleboard surfing is SO FUCKING LAME! It just makes surfing look bad. I’d rather have a short wave without the gay paddle.

  3. SUP? says:

    Shouldn’t count on a SUP…. but dude caught Pavones big

  4. smitty shurfer says:


  5. quest1 says:

    Cant stand SUP bud that was was ridden well

  6. quest1 says:


  7. bandini78 says:

    First: stand up paddle boarding is retarded.
    Second: those video clips are strung together/edited and i can’t tell if that is really all one wave or not

  8. ???? says:

    how do we find out what kind of watch he is using to gps that wave? pretty badass!


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