Every spring for the last 16 years Snowboarder Mag has hosted “Superpark” a 5 day event where the best riders in the world shred a park like no other in existence.

Massive features, an impressive list of riders, and an over abundance of snowboard media are all the ingredients needed for some of the biggest tricks of the year to get thrown down and captured on film.

Snowboarder just dropped an edit from day one. Even though it’s the first day at Superpark 16 everyone got to see the park and speed check the jumps, there’s still some hammers.

Can’t wait to see what gets thrown by day 5!


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  1. tk says:

    snowboarders… lame

    • In zee middle says:

      you probably ski around with one on each foot. A snowboard that is, not a snowboarder.

  2. sg says:

    snowboarders make spinning look good

  3. In zee middle says:

    First super park was at Squaw. The beginning of many things built at squaw that the general public is not allowed on…

  4. WCS says:

    Nothin about West Coast Sessions though?

  5. Ryan says:

    Fact: All snowboarders are criminals


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