Turns out those spines on the side of the road are not as soft as I have always envisioned.  The idea was to get the snowboard fix by tackling the brown spines that form on the local hillsides.  The result was swallowing a ton of dirt and a sore ass.  Bummer.  Guess there is no substitute for slashing the white stuff.

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  1. Tim Konrad says:

    HAHAHA – that was awesome! Way to get after it Matt.

  2. snowskier24 says:

    Maybe you should look for some sand first

  3. Sam says:

    Go look for a steep dry grassy hillside, it works much better.

  4. Barb and Paul says:

    Sick..are you out of your mind???!!!

  5. shoulda been on a mervin... says:

    you woulda stuck that line if you had magna


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