The owner of Edgewise Ski Service, Graham Lonetto, turned 40 today and for his birthday he decided to challenge himself to 40 top to bottom runs on the Forerunner Quad at Stowe.

If you think 40 runs on the Quad (2,100′ vertical feet) is a lot, your right. However, Stowe legend “Boston Bob” has been credited with 50 runs in a day.

So how did Lonetto end up doing? Graham Lonetto, on his 40th birthday, finished the day with a record breaking 51 runs! At 2,100′ per run that comes out to a whopping 107,100 vertical feet!

Well done Lonetto and Happy Birthday!

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  1. ratherripped says:

    What trail?

  2. poopsticks says:

    Probably could have gotten more with out that thing growing on his face

    • pow_gnar_shred says:

      everyone knows the soul patch adds to the aerodynamics of the facial features, directing the airflow around the chin and lower jaw more efficiently. with the decrease in air resistance and the increase in speed, the flavor saver most likely allowed him to break the record. theres no need to stop to eat when you can rekindle a taste of last nights dinner with a simple lick of the soul patch!

  3. Will says:

    Nice job Graham ! I saw a few of your runs down Hayride at Mach 10.You should throw in a few turns here and there so we know your human.When you told me what you were doing in the morning I had no doubt you were going to crush the record.

    • rhizome says:

      I wouldn’t say he crushed it.

      • Will says:

        I knew I would hear many lame posts.This guy is a world cup caliber skier and he can kick any of your asses so stop your whinning.He could have done this at any area, any day and any time.If you took the time to research his background you wouldn’t have written so many stupid posts.

  4. Pistol Pete says:

    Nicely done!

    Last year after 45 tram laps at Alyeska, I got 91,000 for a day

  5. bigbsurfer says:

    He wore his flannel base layer the whole day! Must be Vermont!

  6. uh says:

    who cares its epic..nice work dude!

  7. Sha...right! says:

    Im doing the math now…if Stowe opens at 9 and closes at 4 then 51 laps is an average of 8:15 per lap up and down no breaks no chair stops or slow downs and no one in line to impede him whatsoever. Assuming he skied all 51 laps at 60 mph (which is wicked fast) and the run is only 1 mile with a 2100′ vertical drop (keeping in mind KT is 1700 vertical feet and Daron Rahlves skis in 2 min) the that means this lift ascends faster than any lift in north america by a lot. I call bullshit.

    • Anonymous says:

      bee tee dubs quad opens at 7:30

    • juan says:

      Not BS, he and a solid group of friends raged it all day up there. And yea, the quad opens @ 7:30am. One his buddies’ clocked himself at 65mph down Hayride with his skitracks app, and while that dude is a strong skier, Graham is on another level. So methinks averaging around 60mph all day was not an issue.

      Standout dude. Mega-strong athlete. World-class tuner (just ask around).

      HBD Graham!

    • Kim Brown says:

      Math is good. Lift covers slightly better than 2050 vertical feet. The rides are monitored by Stowe Mountain Resort’s electronic ticketing system which records each time you ride the lift. He actually logged in about 107,000 vertical feet in 8 hours. You are right he did average almost 60 mph. Those of us in this part of the world who know Graham know how strong and solid he is. If it pleases you to think it is B.S. suit yourself.

    • chessie says:

      Stowe opens at 8:00. All

  8. torn edge says:

    stupid, weak, and lame. just plugging his business. high up on the who gives a sh&% list.

    • C.ROB says:

      Graham Lonetto is a kick ass skier and a good guy. Ski racer, dedicated athlete and talented world cup ski tuner. Any negative comment is obviously from a poser, lame , loud mouth. Hide behind your computer or come bring your mouth and whatever poser skills you are claiming. Respect for Graham.

    • Donny Hall says:

      Asked Graham the night before (after he humbly crushed a local race) what he was up to the following day – he replied simply, “Skiing.” Weak? 100K+ vert/day – definitely not weak. Great guy and phenomenal tuning service/ ski shop. People in the know (from around the country) ship their skis to Edgewise for service.

  9. mug ski says:

    Nice work! You should out west for the 24 Hours of Schweitzer event in 2 weeks.

  10. ggr33n3 says:

    i dont understand how this is possible.
    what is the ride time of the chair? vertical drop? how long did this take him to do?

  11. HaytinHater says:

    Ver Not

  12. Anonymous says:

    maybe impossible not sure didnt do math but you forget at stowe you can ski top to bottom in no time and without turning

  13. CB says:

    “Stowe Local?” Sounds awful!

  14. pow_gnar_shred says:

    are you sure thats Graham Lonetto and not Howie Mandel?

  15. Daryn Edmunds says:

    Totally possible and great work to him! We got 21 runs on Al’s at Taos two weekends ago for a Breast Cancer Fund Raiser in 4 hours. That was a 1600 vert mega mogul run with a slow ass double that probably took about 9 minutes back up. With a 8+ hours, a High speed quad, groomers and a race background 51 laps is totally possible.

    Nice work man!

  16. jumbo says:

    My friends blew that away years ago on Baldy. New quads and 3200 vert each lap. Kmon unofficial, get it right. your smart phones lie.

  17. TJ Burke says:

    the real vertical record was set in sun valley in 1989 by kenny corock and mike leavey. it was over 140k in an actual 9 to 4 day. they broke 100mph nearly every run. it was the first year of high speed quads. just saying…

  18. SkiPhan says:

    Stowe has unofficial reports?

    The link is there, but it seems no one is writing these from this side of the country.

  19. Bob says:

    Yeah we’ll my dad can beat up your dad.

  20. Josh Matta says:


    Quad open at 8:00 am weekdays when the record was set.
    stowe uses a RFID system that keeps track of the lift ride. So everyone saying that he did not do it… He did.

    TJ burke the fact that you have no idea when the first high speed quad was put in, means that your figures are probably wrong. the first high speed quad in the country was put in at stowe in 1986.

    • Pow151 says:

      Of course Graham did it, no doubt about that. But has far as the “detachable high-speed” arguement, you’re both wrong. Stowe had the first detachable chair in the NORTHEAST, Breckenridge had the first detachable chair in the country, installed in 1981.

  21. Tom Hubbs says:

    I was there during the morning while Graham was doing it, and he (and his posse) blew past us on Hayride multiple times. The quad’s bottom-to-top time is about 6:15, and as someone else noted, the RFID records each run. He was flying. And by the way, after he did that he x-c’d up to the Trapp’s cabin where he was surprised by a birthday party. Well done!

  22. John Grandits says:

    Nice work Graham!! I know Graham personally and have ZERO doubt this is legit based on ability and integrity. He’s one of the best skiers and cyclists in the area.

  23. Sam von Trapp says:

    You Rock Graham! Those who know you would never question this, you’re one of the best skiers in a town full of amazing athletes. You’re also one of the most humble, adding to the credibility. And you didn’t even go out to set a record, just to ski on your birthday. Those who feel the need to write negative statements about someone like you ought to do some serious soul-searching.

  24. Donny Hall says:

    The RFID scanners are a nice touch for record-keeping sake, but I would have been sold on Graham’s word alone – he’s a stand-up guy and a helluva skier. And humble. I’m sure the next day he plugged along running his world-class ski shop. Regardless of where I move in the country, I’ll ship my skis to Edgewise. Nice work, Graham!!!

  25. Andrew says:

    I wonder how many he could get at the vertical challenge at MRG.


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