Mansfield Looking Super Bluebird

Crystal clear skies, seasonable temps and 6″- 8″ of new snow made for a Super Bluebird Weekend of Skiing at Stowe.  

Sun Dogs touching down..

Early morning Saturday, numerous fresh lines were available with the wood shots up high yielding some particularly good opportunities for face shots.  The woods are in great shape! The logs, stumps and rocks are locked into a solid base.  Definitely some pucker brush to contend with and 12″ would provide a huge boost.  Unfortunately, the forecasts don’t look good for an event like this to happen any time soon.

Skiers definitely had to stay on their toes once the pow started to get pushed around as the East Coast Hard Pack quickly began to rear its head.  Bump lines were scraped off pretty quick, but lots of snow existed for contrarian rippers who milked the backsides of the moguls.

Super Bluebird Powder on the backside of a Hayride Bump Line

By Super Sunday afternoon, most of the groomed trails were dicey, especially down the middle.  Ice balls from the grooming machines were common but the closer skiers edged to the sides the better the turns got.

Ice Balls and Powder along the sides of Liftline


Entering The Goat! A tad hairy..

and Exiting the woods…

Exiting down low

a bit dicey…

However, once inside the confines of the trees, the powder was light, fresh and surprising deep…

Goat Woods

Stowe definitely needs a good dump!  However, consistent 2″-6″ inch storms, steady North Westerly breezes and moderately cold temps are keeping the mountain fresh and the skiing mighty fine!!

Full Moon Rise over Stowe









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  1. Fosheezy5 says:

    Very nice! Much better then Killington

  2. CBrown says:

    Tough year so far in the east, but getting what we can. I’m thinking March is going to be big. We are due!


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