“Stay Forever Young”

“Sometimes it just takes the STOKE of a two-year-old and the SMILE of that first wave to remind us why we started surfing in the first place…”  

Chet Harvey, stokereport.com 

Clearly, this youngster has been to the beach before. Probably spent time building sandcastles, searching for crabs and collecting post surf session driftwood for the bonfire while his elders traded off line ups in the California swell.

Tons of fun while it lasted, but the line up is where the youngster longed to go and the line up is where he went!

Smiles, Stoke and Goodness as expressed through the unveiled joy of youth!

Tap into it and go find yours…. 


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  1. Powdigger says:

    Live and play like a child. Find that enjoyment in life can be simple…..


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