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Teaser season for next year’s ski film line up already upon us?  Looks like it.

It appears Candide is trying a new approach to the ski film genre (all slow motion).   Solid edit, but wonder if the artistic take will hold up in a room full of fired up skiers anticipating the first snow fall of the year?


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  1. AnalBro says:

    Excited for skiing in the east gay boys? Ice ice baby dun dun dun dun dun

  2. HaytinHater says:

    God stowe sucks. Millions of east coast assholes with shitty accents. Tiny hill of a “mountain” shit ice and mash tater “pow days” I think there entire staff smokes marijuana hourly

  3. 707 says:

    Hey you guys wanna hook up

  4. uh says:

    nice dick

  5. noonand says:

    that was difficult to watch it was so boring. why would anyone think this is cool


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