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Deep Day At Stevens Pass

Last Saturday, 39 inches of snow fell overnight at Stevens Pass, WA. The National Weather Service reported snowfall rates of 3 inches per hour at some points during the night. The storm was the result of a cold front and an extremely moist storm track converging over the top of Stevens Pass during the night. From the look of it, plenty of people were there to slash the powder.

Stevens Pass Picnic Tables

Photo: Stevens Pass Mountain Resort Facebook

This video is also a trailer for a web series titled “The Good Life: Pacific Northwest”. The series travels through Washington State and as far south as Mt. Hood, Oregon. Keep those fingers crossed that your mountain gets a storm convergence like this!

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  1. cornfused says:

    Yep, it was pretty unbelievable on Saturday.

  2. Art Vandelay says:

    And my Jimmie runs deep, so deep.
    I put her ass to sleep.

  3. Michael Link says:

    On thursday it snowed all darn day for some great skiing but hard to see. we planned to go back up Saturday morning for better weather and a free day. I could not believe my eyes when the nwac site said 49 new in the last 24 hours. We got up there as soon as we could but the mass of humanity was already there. We were lucky to get a parking spot at 9am. It was awesome big powder skiing anywhere you went on the mountain. Lucky I was on my Nordica Radict but I have to admit just too darn many people are going on an epic day like this. It seems like everyone in the NW was here that day. Still great skiing and powder stashes well into the afternoon. Since my 1979 this was one of the bigger two day snow storms that I can recall and it was cool to be able to go anywhere on these skis in snow this deep and pretty dry for NW powder. I then look forward to less crowds and more ski areas open so they don’t all come here the rest of the season

    • jf says:

      Word! We were stuck in an 8 mile backup on the way up and at 9:15, they were shuttling peole all the way from the nordic lot. We hence decided to high tail it to Mission Ridge. Only 10″ new, but NO ONE there! Bomber Rocks, steep bowls, and no crowds made for a tired day!

  4. Slowreno says:

    Yeahhhhhh SHalbies!!!!

  5. icanhazscuba says:

    No friends on powder days…. Tom!

  6. icantbelieveitsbutter says:

    Caught the #6 chair on Skyline. Was in the early set on 7th too when it opened. Neck deep in the steeps.

    12/8/12 Never Forget Super Saturday!


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