In this interview with White Wolfs owner, Troy Caldwell, he says that a handshake agreement has been made with KSL so that the private equity firm can connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Troy goes on to say that he believes ground could be broken within the next two year.  Here is more from

NORTH LAKE TAHOE, CA – Who has the biggest and the best skiing? Well, Lake Tahoe has some of the country’s best skiing, and it could soon also have the biggest.

Creating the largest ski resort in the country would mean more tourism dollars and even strengthen the region’s chance of hosting the Olympics again.

It’s been a long sought after quest to connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Now, a deal is closer than ever before to make it happen. The result: more than 6,000 acres of terrain which would make it the second largest resort in North America behind Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia.

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  1. Court Brock says:

    awesome news. i think. yeah, it’s awesome.

  2. Walter Kronkite says:

    hell yea! it would be just one more reason that Squaw is better than Vail!

  3. Court Brock says:

    and those bastards used the map i put on w/o my permission wtf???

  4. john vtsv says:

    womp womp cement

  5. Truckee guy says:

    This would be awesome! I thought it would be 5 years before this happened.
    They would have to really beef up snow safety. So many people have been waiting for this to happen. Whistler/Blackcomb and Alta/Snowbird both benefit from the connect.

  6. CmrnDrgn says:

    YES, just in time for me to graduate college and move my ass back to tahooooooe.

  7. tahoebeards says:

    leave alpine alone…. go away ksl. don’t give in to the vampires troy!

    • MaxKnight says:

      You are an idiot if you think Troy isn’t looking for a payday here. People act like he is some kind of tree hugging local. He’s a business man looking to cash in, just like KSL, an good for him

  8. stinky hippy says:

    Everyone will be svamming…

  9. CHAVEZ says:

    To bad SNOWBIRD/ALTA is way better Squeers.

  10. nogood says:

    Ksl….ruining Tahoe one resort at a time…..screw corporate skiing….

  11. The Woo says:

    I will seriously smoke a pound of weed with Troy himself

  12. greenmtskier says:

    45M..buddy hit that bid now!….nice ROI…

  13. squallykook says:

    my wife keeps reminding me “bigger isn’t always better”.

  14. Powfiend says:

    So basically this news story is reporting nothing further than the speculation we already know… After coming back from the alps i still wouldnt be too fired up about this. even if they connected every peak along the crest it would stil not compare

  15. tahoe is so rad says:

    yeah tahoe blows, laaaame. get some real mountains, and some snow that dosnt suck, o wait you dont have any snow……

  16. uh says:


  17. Boston George says:

    For the love of god……..KEEP THE OLYMPICS OUT OF TAHOE!!! It will destroy this beautiful place.

  18. Boston George says:

    I’m totally stoked on the connect though….just no olympics

  19. Weebie says:

    Has anyone looked at White Wolf lately? It’s practically barren. KSL could purchase it and brag about their new acreage, but it’ll only be open for half of the season.

  20. hot air says:

    Dude’s blowdryer must get some serious use.

  21. Truckee guy says:

    I just watched the video again. I have even more respect for Troy than I did before. I’ve followed this story since he bought the land and I see all upsides to connecting the two resorts, plus Troy would probably get to build a 3rd private resort for himself. I don’t understand some of the posts from people that slam Tahoe for poor snow, etc. The season has been very good so far. It’s had ups and downs, but over all good skiing/riding since Thanksgiving. It seems some Trolls just come out of left field with crazy comments…

  22. donnerlakeMF says:

    no doubt its good everywhere it sucks everywhere, if there is snow, and good snow like we have had alot of this year, someone is gonna hate.

  23. Sean says:

    Handshake agreement doesn’t mean anything , show me something in writing

  24. Scam o' the Decade says:

    Way to go Caldwell, bilk those corporate colorado douchey bitches for tens of millions by convincing them that white wold would be a great, not!. south facing ski aspect that won’t hold shit for snow and that all the AM skiers would love to have squallykooks invade their namaste.


  25. Bryan says:

    The Wilderness area to the west and the poor snow and rocks to the east make for a mediocre connection, but the hype will make up for it.

  26. No RD upgrade then,, says:

    thus rumor has it pulling the plug on red dog upgrade for a Squallygapermeadowsmart connect. Imagine the gaper clogging line on KT for this one. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

    BTW, whatever happened to our Granite Chief upgrade promised during the initial renaissance spray?

    Can’t spell LAME without Alpine Meadows.


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