With the colossal amount of snow that fell this week on Squaw Valley the seasonal snow total is up to 55% of the resorts season snow average. In fact, Squaw is just 9″ behind the snow total on this date in 2010. That season Squaw Valley went on to receive 810″ of snow on the upper mountain. 


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  1. Crystal Mountain 150% above normal snowfall. PNW for life.

  2. tetonstig says:

    shhhh the lift lines are over crowed already! the slopes look bare from the webcam!

  3. In 2010 there was a six week drought. We are setting up a similar scenario. Juneuary sucks. I’m going to Chamonix.

  4. ronron says:

    Must be the global warming.

  5. mdskier says:

    Makes up for last season when Tahoe had 0% of snowpack thru 2nd week of January.

  6. over it says:

    squaw will probably close mid to late april with a 100+ inch base.

  7. Squaw Rocks says:

    The crying, bitching, complaining, etc etc is getting really old. The skiing is awesome and instead of talking about how great it is everyone is complaining about something. We need to all take a breath and start being more positive about the ski area we all love. Reminds me of the democratic party, everyone complains but there is no way they are ever gonna leave.

  8. craig says:

    Where is the Silvy report???????????

  9. Ski Bum says:

    It’s one of the best Christmas/New Year periods ever at Squaw. Silverado open in December, busy but not too crowded, hero snow all over the mountain, an avalanche on KT that did not have any fatalities, and and overall good vibe. Lots to be thankful for.
    Sadness for a dedicated patroller at Alpine and respect and good thoughts to his friends and family.

    • craig says:

      I can’t recall ever having this much access so early in the season on both hills.
      Now, if we can just get BA to get us some more snow :)


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