RCMP officers are volunteering their time to to bust pot smokers at Lake Louise and Nakiska resorts in Canada. Here is more on this story from the CBC

RCMP officers are hitting the slopes to patrol at 2 Alberta resorts

Alberta RCMP officers are strapping on skis and snowboards to patrol the slopes at Lake Louise and Nakiska, two resorts west of Calgary.

The officers, who are in uniform and carrying weapons, are focusing their attention on substance abuse on the chairlifts and gondolas.

“It’s going to deter people from bringing narcotics or have that second look of doing something on the ski hill because they know there is going to be a police presence,” said RCMP Cpl. Jeff Campbell, the detachment commander in Lake Louise.

The officers will also be keeping an eye out for possible thefts from the ski racks.

Not all the skiers and boarders in the Powder Keg Lodge at Lake Louise are welcoming the news.

“It makes sense. It sucks, but it makes sense,” said one visitor to the hill.

“I would think that more recklessness comes from people coming in and drinking at lunch time and then going back out … Are you going to give somebody a ticket for drinking and then skiing? … It seems like a very slippery slope to me.”

“I feel like the chairlift is my time to smoke reefer.”

RCMP made one minor drug seizure of marijuana in December.

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  1. dirka dirka says:

    sooo….. instead of having stoned skiers and boarders, you’ll have your local oblivious “do-gooder” out there carrying weapons(guns?)

    sounds like an awful trade to me

  2. BOOOO says:

    This sucks!

  3. seabass says:

    sounds like a ploy to ski on the clock. most people toke in the trees anyway. good luck finding those sneaky bastards

    • Truedat says:

      …and I hope they can ski in the trees too!

      • alex says:

        LOL, that is what my friends do, ski in the woods and where really good they have no way of getting us. Also now we snowboarders, and skiers know that there taking action, time to be sneaky!! He says we’ve been warned lol bring it…

    • BoGnar says:

      Read the words bro. They are volunteering the time. That means not getting payed/ not on the clock.

      • shalaga says:

        well theyre not paid but those bastards get free ski for ruining ppls day, not nice at all

      • marky212 says:

        It costs millions in other fees like taking law abiding citizens to jail and court for smoking something that should be legal while they are out having fun on the slopes. Just another way our country has be ruined and turned into a police state by the cops who are the real criminals in this country.

  4. Dragon madden says:

    fuck the police

  5. NotFree says:

    Can we get breathalyzers at the top of the lift too? Lake Louise will be stoked at their decrease in business, and I’d sure rather kick it with some 5-0 instead of some chill riders on the hill…oh wait

  6. BASED says:

    Fuck the police. This is some bullshit. What the hell is this world coming to if i cant even hotbox the gondi in peace anymore

  7. pow_gnar_shred says:

    Lets be real now boys theres no way a cop is gonna shred harder than you and if they do I feel sorry for you. Take off from them, dip off into the woods, huck a cliff or waterfall, and you’re out. Theres no way they’re gonna follow you and catch you. Just be out!

  8. Obverse says:

    Good luck busting me in the woods. Smoking on the chair is a rookie move.

    Also, they are carrying side-arms? Really? Fucking-A that is about as lame as it gets. I would encourage any and all Lake Louise boarders and skiers to follow these guys around, spraying them as often as possible.

    If this happened at Tahoe there would be like 10 people on the hill.

  9. jason david says:

    dude looks like a concussion waiting to happen

  10. 123456.....9 says:

    They won’t catch me.

  11. Pete says:

    Looking at the guy in the photo. I wouldnt be to worried. Glad they are gonna be on snowboards. It will be easy to traverse away from them haha.

  12. coskier says:

    I agree with most, this is total BS.

    That being said, I think the majority of the complaints probably span from stupid grommets who think its the coolest thing to clam bake a gondola. Believe me, I love pot smoke just as much as the next stoner, but I also agree with the families who are unhappy with stinky gondolas.

    If you want to smoke pot, go in the woods, watch in front and behind you on the chairlift, and open the fuckin window of the gondola! By the time that gondola circles to the bottom, most of the offensive smell will have disappated.

    Unfortunately, the retarded stoners once again ruin it for the majority of responsible pot smoking adults!

  13. Radder Than You says:

    Can’t wait to see if these clowns try to pull this off at any resorts in the US. Good luck catching us all you overweight donkeys.

    • Anonymous says:

      snowbird already has US Forest Service trolling for us hoodlums… friend of mine got a 1000 dollar fine and year probation…and yes he could probably outrun most of you

  14. anonym says:

    “The officers will also be keeping an eye out for possible thefts from the ski racks.”

    At least they’re doing *one* useful thing.

  15. Smokey McPot says:

    The fact that they are paying officers to snowboard all day with free lift tickets and get payed to maybe make one arrest in the month of December?!! Seems like a total waste of money to me ad I’m sure a lot of othe people. If people are aloud to ski and snowboard while drinking what is the difference if you blaze and jay to mellow out their shred. There’s a lot of other things cops could be doing, can understand watching at the bottom of the mountain for board ad ski thefts.

    • riiight says:

      Noun: A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.
      Verb: Freely offer to do something.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you sure of the fact that when they say”volunteer” they are there on their on accord or could it be that they went to work one morning and boss said “any one feel like going to do nothing at the mtn. Today?!?”
        Cause that would be a volunteer!!! Just saying

  16. Danimal says:

    Clearly, the fuzz isn’t worried about being undercover — bumblebee suit and a Glock shouldn’t be that hard to avoid. Only one seizure in December? Not at the top of their game. So; keep toking. Head on a swivel. Props to the cops who are getting paid to ride.

  17. andres says:

    it’s already happening in revelstoke.

  18. SLED2SHRED says:

    The Ganjadola

  19. CatchMeIfYouCan says:

    Smoking on the chair is key, I’m not going into the woods on a powder day and wasting time!

    Good luck catching me on a snowboard LOL.

    What kind of anal retentive, power tripper losers want to volunteer to do this?

    Years ago I was coming off the hill at Copper Mountain in CO, a cop with a dog was walking across the parking lot in front of me, I slowed WAY down and let them get about 50 feet past me and headed into the parking lot, I was upwind and the dog must’ve smelled it and started barking but I was far enough away that the pig couldn’t tell who it was and I was weaving my way through parked cars by then.

    I haven’t been back to Nazi Disneyland Copper since then and I WON’T be going to Lake Louise either.

    • Obverse says:

      Not going into the woods on a powder day….whaaaaaaa?

      no lo comprendo…

      • CatchMeIfYouCan says:

        If you go into the woods you are spending 5 minutes that you could have saved by taking care of bizness on the lift. I can burn one down in a blizzard on a chair 50 feet up in the air.

        I ain’t wasting no time when the Oklahoma land rush is in effect.

    • Pffftt.... says:

      Yes, please stay on the groomers on pow days.

    • MWD handler says:

      cool story hansel, but police and military working dogs are trained to sit when they get a hit. not bark.

      • Anonymous says:

        Some are trained to sit (passive)

        Some are trained to bark (active)

        And now you know……. and knowing is half the battle

  20. Anonymous says:

    Retarded!!!! let’s just make people stay at home and not keep the ski industry rolling. Wait till the pig falls and shoots himself!!!

  21. k says:

    it’s been happening for years. But lets be honest, it’s Canada so its a fine not a crime. also the police that are out riding, generally are intermediate at best, so really who is stopping.
    i agree with catchmeifyoucan, but what cop wouldn’t want to spend to day being paid to ski/ride

  22. donnerparty says:

    I would love to see that pud in the picture try to chase me!

  23. Karma says:

    so an off duty officer can arrest me? hows that work, no bueno

    • Whistleryank says:

      thats what came to my mind. If they are off duty not getting paid out snowboarding they are not legally cops and nothing will stick in court

  24. Ice Cube says:

    Fuck tha police!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Skiers could just find a cat track and watch as this guy tries to skate his way towards you.

  26. Schroder says:

    Having seen them in action, they’re more dangerous than any drugs or alcohol… sketchy riding, a worry when you have a gun.

    But if they catch you, you can out ride them!

  27. donybrook says:

    The people who say this wont or doesn’t happen iin the good ole us are clueless. Do you ski at a mountain that’s on national forest land? Look into lots are. I know one person who was busted getting off a chairlift at bridger bowl by forest service law enforcment and have heard more stories. Luckily i ski a mtn on private land with 25 plus huts to enjoy and a relaxed skI patrol.

  28. rhizome says:

    They will also bust you if you advertise a snowboard competition with weed and beer as prizes.


  29. skimetal says:

    I’m a better skier than the cops. Also skiing with a gun is just a terrible idea

  30. YeeKiller says:

    F the POPO, and F*** Canada also, the entire Country has 3 good ski Mt’s and other than that the entire Country sucks. I smoke when and where I want.

  31. Squallykook says:

    be careful toking in the parking lot too. CHP was trolling squaw lot in unmarked cars. i know at least one person that was harrassed and ticketed.

  32. gorby says:

    If they stick to busting thieves and people skiing recklessly (for whatever reason – pot, booze, stupid gaper, etc ..) then I say its positive. But if I get busted for having a hoot in the trees while some other dude has 2 beers then hits the slopes a little tipsy, then I’m a gonna be pissed.

  33. MoustacheRocker says:

    So they intend to try and bust people who are not only extremely mobile and can duck into forest, but also have their identity masked behind a ski suit? Who thought that would be a good idea again?

  34. BoGnar says:

    I have seen the USFS post up at the top of Stratton and wate for a smoke filled cabin to open up and bust the unsuspecting stoners unloading. They have mountain cops at North Star busting stoners at the top of their gondola. This is not new news. Be smart out there guys and girls. Always smoke with a buddy in a good location -

  35. FlowingAlpy says:

    When I lived in Tahoe it seemed everyone smoked buds, no hiding whatsoever, smoking in lines, lifts, parking lot, everywhere, and no one seemed to mind. Moved back to Washngton, now it legal bitches!!!!

  36. deaf forever says:

    He’ll be on you like a shit-hawk, boy. A shit-hawk.

  37. Hooch says:

    Love everything about this. So sick of smelling weed on the lift or getting into a a gondola a bunch of Tools just hotboxed… Hopefully this trend will follow in the US.

    Why would you care if they carry side arms? You have no issue with cops carrying them on the streets, would would you care if they have them on the hill? Of course the have side arms, they’re on duty and in uniform.

  38. Tim says:

    This is creating more danger, police chases involving experienced skiers (stoned) and noob snowboard police officers chasing them=serious injuries! Plus since when does canada care so much about weed?

  39. swag says:

    this will hurt business…

  40. farmer says:

    Hooch, you’re an idiot. You probably ski in Alta. As for the RCMP patrolling ski hills, that sucks. Wouldn’t their time be better spent volunteering trying to catch real criminals? As for CPL Geoff Campbell, he probably voted for Harper, and would have voted for Bush had he been an American. The world needs less of these types of people…

  41. Ski Bum says:

    As as people are polite and follow the rules of safety, I don’t care if they smoke weed or not. I guess it’s a risk that pot smoking carries with it just like drinking a beer in your truck or anything else. At least there’s a warning. I guess you have to assume that most of the time someone’s watching or there is a camera on you. 1984 is coming to get us!!!

  42. Shred Headdy says:

    Lol, its like someone busting you for eating popcorn in a movie theater. If I didn’t blaze herb on the mountain I would have launched myself to an untimely death by now. This shit would never fly in Tahoe, I used to burn with ski patrolers when I worked at Alpine Meadows and still think they are some of the most dependable and professional patrollers out there.

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  44. Shaggadelic says:

    what a joke. if I saw cops at my mountain I would have absolutely no qualms about running from them. I don’t carry a wallet and my face is covered, and I don’t dress in all neon gear like the rest of the park kids. good fucking luck, piggies.

  45. Charlie Murphy says:

    BLAME CANADA!!!! Biggest douches ever

  46. blLunted says:

    i blazed one at the top of T2 yesterday at kicking horse, no po-po up there, lol!

  47. Ray says:

    In the summer they diligently patrol the topless beaches looking for pot smokers. They work so hard.

  48. Jscrill says:

    Brutal, wonder whos forking out the bill when one of these fuckers blows out their knee ETC. Would like to see these fuckers try and chase me down , could image a taser being used at somepoint while riding, fucking RCMP,

  49. Andy says:

    I’m a huge fan of the one hitter!! It’s quick, clean and you can hit that shit right in the middle of a lineup and before anyone smells anything you’ve already packed your pipe away like a ninja!

  50. Whistleryank says:

    Pot is not a narcotic you dumb ass cops

  51. Whistleryank says:

    In addition paying cops to snowboard all day and bust one person for pot in December is an outrageous waste of money. Let them snowboard on their own time and dime. This is Canada for god sakes not the States. QUit harassing harmless pot smokers and go after some rapists or gangs will ya ffs

  52. Whistleryank says:

    carrying guns is retarded. I have lost cameras, smoke packs etc after a fall. What if one of these idiots loses his gun in the snow and a kid finds it and shoots himself in the face? All bc they were out to bust harmless dope smoking CDNs which are about 20% of the country, the largest percentage in the world.

  53. Boozeyskier says:

    I would NOT want to carry a pistol when I ski. One, yardsale and BOOM!

  54. John D. says:

    I think people are just sensitive about this topic because cops are such dicks when it comes to traffic violations. Oh no you’re going 15 over at a school zone at night let me ruin the day for you….. I don’t event smoke but man does seeing the police make the ski hill not relaxing at all.

  55. 710 says:

    710 is the answer

    vape pens are the future

  56. the COP says:

    Im one of the police officers patroling at Lake Louise. I ski on Hellbents and will drop any cliff you can. You cant out run me… Im better then you. The truth of the matter is dont gave me a reason to be a dick and i wont. Greatful shred

    • johnnymillz says:

      your not better than me piggy piggy! If smoking pot is a reason for you to be a dick then you prob have bigger issues than we can resolve on UN….

  57. Stonerpotatoman420 says:

    You fat ass cops cant catch me, ill wait until i see you light a joint infront of you and leave your greasy pig ass behind

  58. torn edge says:

    The Dec 15 interdiction sounds wild. “…myself and two other officers, ski patrol…..” followed and apprehended…. ( that’s quite a posse).

    It will suck when they start ‘typing’ people and harassing those with the characteristics they deem suspicious, long hair, baggy clothes, youth, age, haha, etc.

    Stay cool, be free, and as noted, beware the Squaw parking lot and other very public zones.

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  60. torn edge says:

    Hey, legal eagles….do ski areas have an obligation to show diligence in upholding marijuana laws, are they compelled to enforce those laws on their private property? on our forest land property? or expose themselves to a liability issue?

  61. Hugh G. Rection says:

    Pffft. I love how Canada has become a police state. Democratic, clean and chill on the outside but absoluuuutely dominated by police. Snowboarders smoking pot is what they are concerned about? Shouldn’t they be busting real criminals? Or preventing highschool kids sell pharmaceuticals in the smoking sections now. Such a bunch of shit…Our small town is almost bankrupt with rising police budgets.

  62. marky212 says:

    I can’t believe what a bunch of crap this is. We are paying them $100 grand a year to harass ordinary law abiding citizens and bust a couple people smoking a joint. I hope the stupid cops get their asses kicked by a whole mob of angry snowboarders.They have turned our country into a police state pretending they are helping but all they do is drain our economy and imprison normal law abiding citizens for things that should be legal. Go to hell Cops you are ruining our once great country.

  63. Anonymous says:

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