*action starts around 2:45

Why You Should NEVER Take Your Snowboard Off In Steep Terrain

Soren Arnevik: I started at the top of the ridge for the first time on Slushmans at Bridger Bowl with my Gopro recording. Snow was great but it was a pretty intense slope for my novice skills in that terrain. I came up on some rocks that I knew I couldn’t get around so I thought if I took off my board to walk around it would be smart… My board started to slip away and as I frantically grabbed for it I started to fall, uncontrollably down the rocky slopes. Spinning, I turned around to look behind me and got shot off a cliff, Gopro doesn’t do it justice. The camera falls off my head as I continue another few hundred feet down the cliff. A ski patrol, Phil, finds it and puts it in his pocket as it’s still recording. He comes across me and it records his conversation with me on the scene. I had a laceration of 6-8 in. across my head and down to my brain (and a unknown broken neck at the time). More medics came as they loaded me on the stretcher and skied me to a snowmobile that took me down the hill. Falling around 500 ft I ended up breaking my C3 (Cervical 3) on my neck, luckily missing my nerve connected to my diaphragm that could’ve stopped my breathing. Also came out with no brain damage, which is a miracle, as my brain was exposed (wasn’t wearing a helmet, fucking dingus). Thankful I’ll be alright in the long run, its unreal I am the way I am.

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  1. jupski says:

    Bridger bowl loves to eat jongs.

  2. anon says:

    and why you should never film while down climbing

  3. Sam says:

    Glad you’re going to be OK buddy

  4. Lez says:

    Doesn’t look like a place for someone with ‘novice skills’

  5. Geronimo Jackson says:


  6. Robert Tadina says:

    that’s pretty bad ass. i bet you wont forget a helmet ever again.

  7. Baconzoo says:

    So will we see a “Faces of Death” video GoPro edition?

  8. Jon says:

    What a tool!!

  9. Joe says:

    you went through a marked gate saying advanced riders , avalanche terrain, had to check a beacon when getting on the lift. get the idea?

  10. AKFreeski says:

    Ok, that was at least a little funny.

  11. DT says:

    the sliding part looked kinda fun haha. glad your ok though!

  12. woah says:

    walking again?

  13. Caucasian Asian says:

    Training for Alaska?

  14. GD says:

    Learn to send little cliffs and quickly check your speed, or learn to ski, or take up curling and never go to Bridger again.

  15. Bogey says:

    ” Also came out with no brain damage, which is a miracle”

    Yup, sure is. However, given that it seems you had brain damage to start with – I’m not sure how you can make that assertion.

  16. Oregonoutback says:

    The same thing happened to me last season while training for the patrol. We were on an black diamond running a mock case and the slope was basically blue ice. I pulled up to our scenario which required me to take off my board to help our “victim.” long story short I slid about 200 yards down the run luckily missing every rock and tree near me and was able to grab my board and flipped it to stop my slide. It’s really fucking scary doing this, glad you’re going to be alright.

  17. bumbaclot says:

    somebody get this guy new bindings

  18. WIll says:

    Goooo Bobcats!

  19. DG says:

    $300 for a GoPro but no $$$ for a helmet on Schlasman’s?
    Were you riding alone there?
    Did you hike above the lift to the ridge?
    Were you in Slushman’s Ravine at the rock in the choke point?
    Was that your first time riding that terrain?

  20. Blank says:

    Another go-poser thinking he needs to show the world his stupidity. Shoulda spent the money on a lesson.

  21. Gentile Sodomite says:

    There are way too many dumb-asses like this at every mountain.

  22. Charlie Murphy says:

    Hey dummy!! You’re doing it wrong! Good thing the red light was blinking on your go pro. Jack ass

  23. 530SKIR says:

    Im so glad all this footage is finally starting to make it to the web! Ever since half the gapers on the mountain have started wearing GoPros (to record every run of their day apparently cause they never take them off) and helmet cameras I knew there eventually be a ton of footage of crazy falls, crashes and fights with other people, and dipshit moves caught on camera starting to turn up everywhere. I just cant wait for the POV footage of some gaper getting punched straight in the face for doing something stupid!

    • 530SKIR says:

      Glad dude made it out alive though I woulda shit myself sliding uncontrollably above that terrain!

  24. jojo says:

    holy #%&#
    that was way sicker and funnier than i thought it would be…

  25. junk skier says:

    Ignoring all the other things you did wrong… SELF-ARREST.

  26. j says:

    This is so frustrating. Dude had no business being in that terrain. Read through the YouTube comments and you can see that he still doesn’t get it.

    Candidate for the Darwin Awards right here!

  27. YeeKiller says:

    You do not ever take you board off. Period

    • Coreshot says:

      Never take it off to go downhill…uphill sometimes you gotta

    • Lojack says:

      I took my board off when it was jammed deep attached to my dislocated knee and ankle that was broken in 2 places. I also usually take my board off before I drive. Actually I’m starting to think your advice isn’t all that good there’s heaps of time when you should take your board off.

  28. w says:

    You know you’re a gaper when ?
    A. No brain bucket
    B. Columbia gear
    C. Novice on the Ridge
    D. All of the above

    Stay on the lower mountain. Bridger has tons of false horizons, and narrow technical lines. Get skilled then get smart.

  29. mt high fo life! says:

    talk about gaper stance!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Haole! Go home b4 you hurt somebody! you dangerous!! where you learn to ride?? mt high?!

  31. Cynthia Toggenberger says:

    You silly cat.

  32. SkierMan says:

    this guy is a fucking dumbass

  33. A G says:

    I like the third-person narrative he gives, kind of like a Sunday sermon, as if anyone gives a shizz: “well, this is the rockiest part of the whole damn mountain.” Yo are stupid to be leaving the boundary and entering the slackcountry with that stance! What is that, zero degrees and zero degrees?

    I had a better stance on a skateboard when I was six years old!

    You are lucky you did not die, but that would have been awesome GoPoseur footy, huh???

  34. Dental Floss Tycoon says:

    im pretty sure i heard him say ‘YOLO, shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!’ right at the beginning of the slide.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Same thing almost happened to me at Heavenly 2 years ago, above Widow Maker in Mott Canyon. I had successfully hit it the previous year, but this year it was dry. Snow was a few inches of light powder on top of old cement, so not good. I dropped too low above it and was funneled in. No problem, i thought, I’ll just unhook and hike out. Well I slid like in the above video, but thankfully I hung on to my board and dug it in. I arrested my slide just above the chute. I had other skiers get ski patrol and they roped me down. I learned my lessons: (1) Never unhook on steep terrain. Your board or skis are your friend in steep terrain, they are the only thing that can stop you. (2) Never assume terrain is the same year to year. Features can change from one season to the next or even between storms. Inspect from below before committing to features. Just because you hit the shit last year, does not mean you’ll stomp it now. This year it could kill you. (3) Heavenly ski patrol rocks! Saved my ass!

  36. Lawsuit Larry says:

    I was wondering whose board hit me on that dreadful cloudy day at Bridger Bowl. I am lucky to be alive! Thank god it was a junior board!

  37. kyle says:


  38. uh says:

    glad your not dead dude

  39. Bob Van der Rip says:

    The slopes are littered with riders who have a false sense of their abilities and and an equal lack of respect for the mountain. glad he made it out alive.

  40. jayher says:

    hey bro, you’re doing it wrong.

  41. FlowingAlpy says:

    I am sooooooooo sick of dudes who think they are cool with a gopro filming whatever and they seem to multiply every season with more and more kooks. Most of them on snowboards giving snowboarding a bad name. Stance at 0 and 10 year old bindings says it all.

  42. Andrew says:

    Solid snowboarder? Talking to your go pro and doing a falling leaf half the time doesn’t make you a solid snowboarder.

  43. lalonde says:

    Pull it together buddy. Educate yourself before trying to be a gopro hero. Ski Patrol in top form…..saving your ass.

  44. anon says:

    Take your snowboard back to salvation army, you have no business fucking up great lines for the rest of us.

  45. anon says:

    so…. the skier with him who seems to disappear ( i couldnt watch it all, too painful) has cross country ski poles?? look at the baskets in the first 20 seconds…. My palms started to sweat when he took off his board. Why the hell would anyone even consider doing that? Instead of a beacon check, maybe they should give a quick IQ test at the gate…

  46. dilltron says:

    hahahaha i always wondered why shitty skiers and snowboarders would have go pros. Unless the people are really fucking good and videotaping some intense shit everyone else knows how dumb they look while wearing cameras on the groomers….unless your like this kid and you have no idea how stupid you look and how everyone else (especially bridger locals) is prolly talking about how big of a douche you are. but after seeing this i think they should make everyone wearing one do a few lines off the ridge and see what happens. Fucking clown.

    • Lojack says:

      For their own personal enjoyment fuckwit, the mountain doesn’t revolve around big headed faggots. What they’re doing might not be that impressive to you but if their stoked about it what business is it of yours.

      Get your head out of your arse, too many elitist’s in this thread and that’s not what this sports about.

  47. A G says:

    Wow. This video has GSA written all over it!
    His buddy does have a set of classic cross country poles (very, very flimsy and not to be relied upon in a backcountry situation). This brings new meaning to the word ‘Gaper,’ and the word ‘Slackcountry.’

    I hope this guy screams “LLLOOK OUT BELOW” before dropping in on anything. Rest assured he would end up with a pole to the face if he dropped in on top of me outside of a ski boundary!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Anonymous says:

    i think he Stompted it

  49. chad says:

    i don’t think we can say no one should ever take off their board/skis during a descent, some people should in certain circumstances. Just make stepping out of your bindings a last resort for when you’re totally cliffed out or need to set up a rappel or do some down-climbing.

    The big thing is that he didn’t attempt to self-arrest which he should have been able to do on that slope with or without his board. It would have helped if he was facing the slope when downclimbing, he would have been less likely to fall, gotten hand holds on the rock, and he would have had a much better chance at arresting.

  50. wolfman says:

    he should be asked to be in x games

  51. hatar says:

    this douche has NOOOO business skiing off the ridge at bridger. where the HELL are his helmet, backpack and avy gear??!! he must have some really shitty friends.

    and he’s decked out in columbia sportswear gear.


  52. bill says:

    oooooh shit! ooooooh shit! judging from the first 2:45 i would reply nooooo shit!

  53. td says:

    This is my biggest fear when booting in to skis in steep gnarly terrain. One gaper moment and a world of hurt is coming my direction.

  54. cv says:

    Hey Jack-ass, POINT THAT FUCKING thing and leave some snow on the hill for the rest of us! Absolutely no business being up there. And why does this guy have a go pro? What in the world could he possibly show anyone except for his death!!!

  55. pooop says:

    and the darwin award goes too…

  56. tyhee says:

    Come on!! Just from seeing your stance and board I knew this would end badly. Use your damn head in the side country and back country especially. Glad your ok but hope you learned a lesson or two!

  57. NinjaChips says:

    after reading his YouTube comments, i can second the notion that he may have, truly indeed, not learned his lesson to the fullest.

  58. NinjaChips says:

    at least his GoPro video got a lot of hits?


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