Snowboard Kickflip | Real or Fake?

youtube descriptionWorlds Biggest SNOWBOARD KICKFLIP. Filmed by Andrew Santos Media @andrewsnts. Shot at Whistler Blackcomb”

Snowboard Kickflip

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  1. Spacecraftcollective says:


  2. muir says:

    look closely as the board doesn’t disappear on the other side of the jump. definitely photoshoped.. your a gape if you cant tell its fake.

    • Anonymous says:

      What are you talking about?!?
      I think *you’re* a gape!

    • semi says:

      I went from real to fake to real back to definitely fake. I don’t snowboard or skateboard, so I don’t know what is impossibly hard or not just by looking at it, but after looking into this, I think you’re right about the board not going behind the jump.

      I even exported the video to a sequence of images, which removed any doubt. Just to clarify, you mean that part of the board should be blocked from view by the jump, but instead actually obscures the top part of the jump. It’s very hard to tell, especially since the jump blends into the grey sky.

      There’s also a major discontinuity from frame 81 to 82. It looks like they just took a video of the same guy doing a different (probably smaller) jump, and then cut him out and pasted him into this one, slowing or speeding up to make the timing work. It does look like a big effort though.

  3. Just a guy says:

    Looks fake.

    His front foot is in the binding, then it’s not, then it is again.

  4. Fake for sure but its a real good job

  5. Dinglesnowberry says:

    fake, like the back flip board switch edit.

  6. muir says:

    lame and fake.. get a life gapes..


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