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Snowbasin Deepest Day Ever!

Today was the greatest ski day of my entire life! That’s saying a lot, considering I live in Utah and ski over a 120 days a year. I’ll let the video from Snowbasin explain…

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  1. Unofficial nutsack says:

    This was the worst edit I’ve seen in my entire life! And that’s saying a lot, considering I live with my parents and watch over 120 videos a year.

  2. curmudgeon says:

    That was great! :54 seconds I was laughing with him…after a continouous faceshot…lol! Good song pick too…

  3. GoPro says:

    Only took two turns to realize he didn’t need to head bob

  4. bleeee says:

    Serious business.

  5. Yobrobra says:

    Yawn…120 days a year at Squaw means you broke your femur in February.

  6. Salary Man says:

    Kinda looks like every other day in Japan…

  7. SkiUtahPowderPoodle says:

    When I say that today was the greatest ski day EVER it carries much more gravitas than your average GoPro-on-a-stick douchebag. You see, I live in Utah, routinely ski 3 foot powder days (sans gaiter!), and write obnoxious, self-aggrandizing video captions for a living. I’m #1! Y’all can suck it!

  8. uh says:

    that was fun to watch


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