This has to be the most out there, exotic, ridiculous “ski” vacation ever offered in the history of the world. We kid you not, a company based out of London is now making it possible to ski through the Caribbean Sea, and in relative terms, it’s not as expensive as one might think. Then again, the term “ski” must be applied loosely.

The company IgluCruise is hosting this once-in-a-lifetime unique sailing trip that will travel from the tropical island of Barbados with scheduled stops in Grenada, Tobago, Isla Margarita, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent before returning back to Barbados. The trip is set to depart on December 15th, 2011 with prices starting as low as 799 British pounds. The price tag includes round-trip airfare from the UK, accommodation, food, room service, a 36 person Jacuzzi at the base of the “ski” slope, steam room, fitness center, ski and boot rental, and lift passes.

Related to “ skiing” the ship features:

-A 150 meter-long open-air ski slope on its top deck

-A ski surface made of Perma-Snow, which is an all weather ski carpet

- A poma lift that will facilitate the ability for up to 1,129 passengers to be “skiing” as the ship sails through its tropical destinations.

A Perma-snow ski slope in the UK

Photo Courtesy of: onthesnow

Now the term “ski” and “skiing” has to be heavily quoted here as “skiers” will be sliding on a faux snow surface, with skis, on a boat, while traveling through tropical waters. I think it’s a stretch to actually call it skiing, then again, speaking to the uniqueness of this idea, what a trip it’s going to be for people to be linking turns on a cruise ship sailing across the famed waters of the Caribbean Sea. This is not a ski trip most of us would ever consider, then again name another time you’ve heard of such a trip being offered.

Again, I have a tough time actually calling this a ski trip, but the fact of the matter is this trip is happening, people will be using skis and ski boots to slide down Perma-snow on the trip, on a moving boat, and it really is one of the more unique trips I’ve ever read about that brings a sense of ski culture to a tropical destination.

For more information and specifics regarding the trip click here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    lmfao that looks sweet id be down if i was stuck on a ship

  2. reno local says:

    What? Who would ever go on this trip?

  3. Rail Tycoon says:

    @reno local – Have you ever taken a cruise?

    Thats a great idea, I would want a long trip with major days at sea. Then I can get some permasnow, and on-shore adventure.

    Definitely not a ski trip though, it is really just a side attraction.

  4. Chaz says:

    Can you water ski too?

  5. Jon Scott says:

    It was an April Fools Day trick!!! But would have been very cool if it actually existed!

  6. Dear corporate douche bags… Please book your ski trips here this year. Seriously. I might finally throw one of your cell phones of the lift this year if not


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