A new independent film company called driftwood has released their first ski clip. This footage is from a North Face produced trip to Japan with athletes Leah Evans and Andrew McIver.


The Garden is a place of familiarity, where hard work comes into fruition. Where time stalls in this beautiful distraction from our day-to-day lives. The purpose of a day becomes meditatively clear with a destination plotted on a topographic map. We followed the words of a Japanese elder, and went in search of his paradise, his garden.

The Film was inspired by conversations with Yukio Yamamoto. Made possible by Takahiro Nakanishi who offered up his van and brought the landscapes Yukio spoke of to life. The North Face, Salomon, and Leah for providing gear and support. Endless Thanks

Skiers: Leah Evans, Andrew McIver

Film: Jamie Tanner

MUSIC: Young Wonder – To You

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  1. Danger High Voltage says:

    @ the 3:00 mark…thats wild

  2. Noonan says:

    03:00, wow!

  3. StomperPTI says:

    strong start. terrible music. Ok edit overall. minute 3:00-3:08 made it worth it though.

    • Tom says:

      Honestly, I thought the music was actually really good for the type of edit. It wasn’t some super high energy edit with nothing but shots of huge lines mixed with effects and filters.

      It was an artistic edit with some really great videography, I really liked it for one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wannabe artsee ski edit…


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