Summertime. The time where the shred community, a generally homogenous gore-tex clad group, diverges into several dozen sub-cultures of mountain dwellers. Sure, on the mountain we have different styles, ideas, and equipment, but we’re all the same species. When summertime rolls around, however, all bets are off. People that you’d happily share a chair with on any powder day might as well be aliens. The cliques, each with their own uniform, badge of honor and M.O., have unspoken rivalries based on their views of the best way to kill time between closing day and the first snowfall. Ski towns are filled with odd characters, and nothing brings them out like hot temperatures. Here’s a quick overview of these enigmas, who behave oddly, dress poorly, and defend their right to do both religiously.

Fly-fishing, a tribute to khaki and pockets in weird places

The Fly Fishermen

Outfit: Croakies, Simms hat, Khaki everything.

Between the half dozen flies in the bill of their Simms hat, their Croakies, and moisture wicking collared shirt, the fly fishermen flawlessly (and unnecessarily) pulls off the “I’m-here-for-a-beer-but-if-town-floods-I’m-ready-to-fish” look. Their outfit is a tribute to the versatility of khaki and has technical specifications that would make you think they’re trying to outwit another person on the battlefield, not a fish.

“Two! I almost caused two traffic accidents on that ride”

The Road Biker

Outfit: Mandex, Live Strong bracelet, absence of leg hair

Often found riding two and even three wide on crowded streets and highways, the road biker insists on “sharing” the road. The mightier-than-thou cyclist sees the bike path as a sign of weakness, insisting on riding on the road, parallel to the bike path. Be particular weary of the road biker between mid-June and mid-July, when they’re most active and aggressive.

“All forward!”

The River Guide

Outfit: Collared Hawaiian shirt (two or more buttons undone/missing), visor, Croakies.

Although the government would like you to think the river belongs to everyone- that’s wrong. The river is the guide’s and you’re just a guest on it. No matter what you do in his or her presence, you’ll somehow do it wrong.

Chacos, because Tevas don’t have enough webbing

The Climber

Outfit: Chacos, visor, shorts that are hemmed above the knee- by several inches.

No matter what time of day, month or year, the climber just got back from something super gnarly…but they don’t want to talk about the specifics of where. When not getting extreme, the climber can be found slack lining in the park as they unwind with some microbrews.

The bro hug: lets your bros know you’re happy to see them, and still not gay. photo:

The Bro

Outfit: T-shirts from sponsors (you’ve probably never heard of), board shorts, GoPro, PBR

The hipster of the ski town, the bro hates on everybody else on this list. Naturally, the bro’s only natural enemy is, err, everybody else on this list. Don’t be fooled by some sort of “bro code,” sheer power in numbers is the real reason they flock together. The bro expresses exuberant enthusiasm upon seeing another bro from the ski season, usually offering a bro hug (one arm hugs as one arm shakes, ensuring no pelvic contact).

Actually, this is prety much what I look like right now

The Blogger

Outfit: Sweatpants, lots of sunscreen when venturing outside,

The armchair quarterback of the ski town, the blogger hides behind a keyboard and calls out locals that are actually having human interactions- usually under a pseudonym of a character from a cult-classic ski flick. Getting rad takes a backseat to talking about how rad they got/are going to get, and pissing matches on forum boards are their preferred past-time during the summer…and winter for that matter.


I always carry a green sharpie because this can be turned into “naive” so easily


Super Local

Outfit: Ponytail (both sexes), frown, t-shirt of event held before you were born

The super local is lost in better days gone by. Their thousand-yard stare seems like it’s more suited for slowly stirring a glass of whiskey as they gaze off into the distant than speaking with you. Not afraid to talk about the past, their nostalgia is almost overbearing. You usually leave the conversation seriously contemplating if you should move so this guy could be happy.

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  1. Daryn Edmunds says:

    I know all these types and unfortunately i am more than on of them.

  2. Rail tycoon says:

    Ha, that’s great. Don’t forget the mountain bikers (shaved legs, lots of GU, sweet multi tools) and the hikers/backpackers (hippies, extra stash of munchies, always has a compass and map)

  3. Jordan Schwartz says:

    Forgot the golfer who can’t afford to play or leave because he spent all his money on booze over the winter… Not sure where else I fit in on this one.

  4. j. w. says:

    don’t forget the trail runners(skinny, great calves, handheld water bottles, & band-aid covered nipples)…Tahoe also has a beachbum contingent and watercraft crew(kayakers, paddle boarders, & power boaters that wakeboard/wakesurf)…

  5. BrunoSkis says:

    You totally overlooked the lifeblood of summer in ski town USA (North Tahoe in my case): the TOURIST!
    Can be seen with their shiny BMW suv (see also: Benz, Porsche, Rover, etc.) wearing Dockers cargo shorts, Jimmy Buffet t-shirts and Olympic Club ball caps (men); flowery sun dresses, gladiator sandals and Prada sunglasses (women).
    They can be easily picked out of a crowd or on the streets by their continued, vocal sighing in lines longer than 2 people and their aggressive, “I’m riding your ass cuz I’m in a big freekin hurry” driving style.
    Oh, and don’t get me started on the whole “Burning Man” crowd rolling through right now!!!
    My view: Thanks for coming up and dropping your coin! Now go HOME! (works all year round by the way).

  6. Tim Dogg says:

    I was always wondering everyones thoughts on road bikers. Since i’ve moved here in July the only attitude i’ve gotten was from theses idiots in mandex. The only one i’ve wanted to punch in the jugular are road bikers. Especially the ones, that are two to three deep in the road. I’m not gonna swerve around you on to incoming traffic with a semi heading toward my family & I. So if you know whats good for you Lance get the F out of my lane!

    • alex W says:

      Self-entitled driver always owns the road!!!

      Maybe you caught some attitude from road-bikers because you’re a piss-poor driver?

    • BoGnar says:

      I would not mind rodies if they would use the fucking bike path or at least stay to the right of the white line.
      Get off the road and get dirty!

  7. The HLC says:

    What about the Freetard Dirtbag? Full-face + goggles hanging off neck. Pickup with Dakine gatepad. Disdain for anyone who’s in spandex and/or sporting a seatpost at full extension. Paranoia about other riders finding the secret stash. Broken hand.

  8. jeah says:

    the author is from CO what do you expect there is no real DH mtn biking or beach scene for him to know of.. Tahoe was a summer destination before a winter destination so yes unlike other ski towns we actually have tourists in the summer which sucks…

  9. j says:

    Yeah what about the downhill/freeride mtn biker? Aren’t they the snowboarder/freeskier of the summer?

  10. AlpineJOwe says:

    Spot on! Here in Bozeman you can see every single one of these groups represented on any given summer day on Main Street.

  11. court says:

    umm, patch skierz?

  12. dingleberry says:

    climbers in chacos??

  13. Tiia says:

    haha! awesome! hit Bozeman pretty dead on, the only thing missing is the tourist that will purchase the khakis or chacos to fit one of these…

  14. Evan says:

    Im from Utah so you get all these categories only doubled because there are climbers and climbers (mormon) hikers and hikers (mormon) So you dont really mind anything but that one category.

  15. Morgan says:

    So so great. This is sheer brilliance and I can’t wait till you get real fat– not just “I used to drink a lot fat” See you at Thanksgiving sucker.

  16. keep tahoe blue says:

    stoked on the naive comment. front range Coloradans need to fall off their high horse. lamest most used sticker i’ve ever seen. way rather be from tahoe than anywhere in colorado.

    summer time = dump your titties on the boat… see you at chambers BAM =D

    • Anonymous says:

      So I i guess rocking the NATIVE sticker is like rocking a Keep Tahoe Blue Sticker

      • keep tahoe blue says:

        hardly. native is more like get the fuck out of my state, my parents moved here when i was 3 so that makes me cooler than you. keep tahoe blue is like lets save the lake, hug some trees and stop the greedy developers from making tahoe a vail resorts tourist trap. actually i don’t support keep tahoe blue personally because of the people behind it and im in construction so they make my life difficult. i chose this title more to draw a contrast on how conceited coloradans were. that would be like having a california tahoe license plate and putting NATIVE on it…. its retarded, you see my point. i went to CU so i lived in colorado for 4 years. beautiful state but honestly the skiing sucked. and people were full of themselves. left a bad taste in my mouth. sorry man. gay fucking sticker

      • YaddidaShred says:

        I’m sick of the “My life is better than your vacation” stickers, stupid. Probably from N.H. anyway….

      • Powfiend says:

        The Keep tahoe blue is actually the tourist aka sierra club member from the bay, identification sticker. They will tell you there local because they own a million doller second home in tahoe, sadly they spend most of their lives in a cubicle in the city to afford to come to the mountains for a few measly weeks a year. But they do there best to keep tahoe blue by driving there gas guzzling SUVs full of kids, lame x country bikes and paddleboards …

  17. myfibulahurts says:

    HaHa! Im normal.

  18. CV says:


  19. duderino says:

    Tahoe bro, sick.

  20. Anonymous says:

    So I gues the author is the blogger category, way to throw yourself under the bus.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The author falls into the blogger category

  22. squallykook says:

    recycled post from last year.
    we’ve all said it before.

  23. BoGnar says:

    Beach bummin- I live in my swim trunks
    polish horse shoes- bringing frizbee to a higher level
    girls smelling like coconut- nuff said
    the disc golf protard- nice spandex under your cargo shorts
    Rippin on my longboard- slay the bike path/ skate the lake
    Mountain biking- I strive to get lost and pop out on a random street at least once a week

    I love summer

  24. FlowingAlpy says:

    Brunoskis, are you a female in Tahoe City? Me thinks I know who you are.

  25. como says:

    DH, Kayak, Bicycle touring, Backpacking all summer is what I freeze my ass off in a parking lot all winter for..

  26. Anonymous says:

    The list can’t be complete without mentioing mountain bikers, stand-up paddleboarders, kayakers, hikers, surfers and those who are always down to pound a few pbrs at the beach/floating the truckee river.

  27. YaddidaShred says:

    Love it when you guys put original content up instead of just reblogging other people posts, always makes me laugh. Keep it up, BRO!


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