Jonathan Blair Picking his way thru 1000 feet of rocks and Ice in the no fall zone.

Skiers, Jonathan Blair and Jason Torlano, have become the first people to ever put tracks down the face of Clouds Rest at Yosemite. Yesterday morning, the two skiers skied the face of Cloud Rest mountain in California’s Yosemite Valley.

Clouds Rest is an arête, a thin, almost knife-like, ridge of rock formed when glaciers eroded away solid rock to form Tenaya Canyon and Little Yosemite Valley. The northwest face, mostly solid granite, raises 5,000 feet (1,520 m) above Tenaya Creek. Although there are many peaks in the park having far greater elevation, Clouds Rest’s proximity to the valley gives it a very high degree of visual prominence. -

starting the descent 
On The face of clouds rest JAN 16 2013

Stock image of Yosemite: Clouds Rest is the snow-covered peak on the left side of the image

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  1. h says:

    pussy run, red dog is harder

  2. Gnarpow says:

    “1000 feet of rocks and Ice in the no fall zone.” Sounds like a whole lot of work for not that much fun, but still pretty bad ass!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I straight lined that last year. Switch too.

  4. MK says:

    Yeah Jon Blair!

  5. WEEZY says:

    Great spelling skillz, Tahoe Unified School District representing how to spell DESCENT

  6. Tina Schulz says:

    Nice Jon!!!

  7. Work to Ski says:

    Beta, pictures, we want more. More specifically how did the final 1000 feet go?

  8. Squallykook says:

    burly! nice work.

  9. achronamous says:

    um weezy, what the fuck does tahoe schools have to do with this..

  10. TBAG-2 says:

    what was more difficult — the ski down the NW face or the epic ‘schwack to get out of Tenaya Canyon? BTW, looks like you demoed those sidestashes with the sweet sticker.

  11. shredologist says:

    THATS NUTHIN, I hucked half dome and stuck uphill ice. SHRED.

  12. Anonymous says:

    looks like you guys nailed the conditions. there has to be juuust enough. you certainly wouldn’t want to get on that thing with too much snow or when it is too warm. when this face sloughs off in spring it is the equivalent of entire squaw x2 ripping top to bottom all at once….


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