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As you may know I am a big fan of Andy Lewis.  Taking the time and putting in the effort to become the best in the world at something does not always pay off, but it is starting to for Andy. He has recently added Goal Zero to his growing list of sponsors. Congrats to Andy and to Goal Zero in what seems like a perfect match of athlete and product. Check out their website

Goal Zero, the leader in portable solar power solutions, welcomes professional slackliner, basejumper, and all-around epic daredevil Andy Lewis as its newest brand ambassador.

Better known as “Sketchy” Andy, Lewis is known for his unbelievable feats in the world of slacklining and personifies the adventurous spirit of Goal Zero in his everyday life. Taking up residence in Moab, Utah, Lewis prefers to live life on the wild side, sometimes several hundred feet above the ground on a slackline; and where this guy prefers to party, there are no outlets. Lewis relies on Goal Zero and the power of the sun to keep his gear going strong.

“My Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit keeps all the essentials charged up and ready to go,” says Lewis. “From my iPod to my GoPro, Goal Zero keeps everything powered up, even when I’m in the middle of nowhere prepping for my next adventure.”

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  1. O'Doyle Rules! says:

    Long Live Sketchy Andy!

    *knocks on wood*


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