Axle Peterson not only has one of the coolest names in all of freeskiing, he also knows how to put together a hell of an edit. Ax Man and his band of buddies, the Bridger Brigade, live in Bozeman, MT and they took the time to get up early and ski some insanely beautiful lines on Easter Sunday morning. The first part of this video might be my favorite skiing footage of the year. What do you think?


Double Chute Skiing 0:24

Ax’s straitline at 1:05

After that is more partying and less skiing. Still fun to watch.


The Ax Man’s take:

Joe, Axel, and Andrew woke at 4AM on Easter Sunday for a dawn patrol mission to the Northern Bridgers. Although the South facing lines were sun affected, 20 inches that fell two days prior made for cold and powdery snow on Northern aspects. After checking off a few classics, we loaded the snowmobiles and headed for Bridger Bowl to celebrate the last day of the season. Partying and neon one-pieces were in full effect, and skiing was at a minimal…like a closing day should be. 

This is a fun edit on how we spent the closing day at Bridger Bowl.

Rad Music by Albino Father, “Dirty Mirror”

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  1. charlie says:

    Mt Sacajawea…
    Such aesthetic lines.
    Good job sick video!


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