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skip to 3:02  for the riding

Wrapping up the final episode of Outdoor Research’s Tiny House Tour, Zack, Molly and Neil cross the border back into the states from Nelson, B.C. the crew takes the Tiny Home south to Jackson Hole, WY for the final stop on the tour.

Thanks Sam, Zack, Neil, and Molly for some sick Vids!


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  1. Scott Favor says:

    Great video……………………..
    To fall asleep to

  2. powfiend says:

    what??? i want to get paid to tour around the west and make like 5 deep pow turns and call it an edit!!! who are these kids?

  3. jupski says:

    Hah, awhile back i was hiking teton pass and saw some chokers milling around next to the boot pack half way up. I thought they were taking wedding photos, but it turns out they were pros.

  4. Sean says:

    This seemed like a really cool concept that just did not turn out as exciting as I had hoped for in video. Were the truck problems to skiing ratios really this bad? Perhaps they just thought there were too many videos of people slaying pow in cool places and not enough of watching someone suck at driving a trailer. A for effort but…maybe stick to carpentry.

  5. AG says:

    wow. no spare for a heavily overloaded trailer with four wheels, on too small of a chassis for the weight. on a several thousand-mile road trip in another country…in the winter…

    gotta say you earned the dumbass badge for that one, “oh it was just something I didn’t take care of before we left…”

  6. Smokey says:

    How does a slide in camper sound at this point? Jesus, wah ta cluster. How much skiing are you will to give up for some bullshit mirage of comfort?


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