The Antarctic swell has hit the California Coast, and shredders are out in full force. Reports confirm that the past few days have been nothing short of “epic” from So Cal to many parts of Nor Cal, and classic spots like Santa Cruz has been firing on all cylinders since Thursday.

Even though these photos were taken Saturday afternoon, September 3rd, at a mid-to-high tide close to 2ft, the waves are plentiful, and people are getting after it. The SSW swell is forecasted to ease slightly over the next two days, although the forecast continues to predict set waves should remain 1-2 feet overhead through Monday. You won’t be out there alone if you hit up the Cruz,

but it’s worth the wait. Sewers, 1st, 2nd, 38th, Drainpipe, Pervs, the Hook, Sharks, Private’s, Trees-they’re all working on the east side of town, even with an afternoon high tide. Word from the west side of Santa Cruz reports the same-everything is working, and the waves are super fun.

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  1. Miles Clark says:

    Damn that looks sweet. Ya know what good CA surf means? It means that it’s Fall and that Winter is right around the corner…

  2. Brennan Lagasse says:

    You couldn’t have aid any better Miles.

    SUNDAY AM Update-Saturday night towards low tide was glassy fire, perfect lines. This am low tide (9:47 am) glassy conditions are prevailing, rides are still long and peeling, but the size has dropped off a bit. It’s no matter, there’s awesome surf out there!

  3. Smilin Steve says:

    if you missed this one, you might be in luck, round 2 is on its way and should be here later next week, while this swell is epic for sure, The Fog Sucks Big Time. can’t remember the last time the sun came out, it has been a horrible summer for sure. but hey we have surf… and make no doubt about it the crowds were heavy for sure, that pic above wasn’t even at the height of the day, there were even more people than that out. for the most part the good guys are killing it while all the others are just watching. .


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