Roner Vision: Terminal Cancer Couliar (Warren Miller impersonation)

Erik Roner is back at it in the most over-the-top episode ever! Guest appearance by Nitro Circus’s Travis Pastrana, insane base jumping, extreme Double Big Gulping, an ode to classic ski films (you know the one), and little Oskar Roner gets major trampoline airtime at Woodward at Tahoe! Oskar!

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  1. derp says:

    double jump!

  2. coyo says:

    Roner for president :)

  3. Heckler says:

    I just can’t take this dude seriously. For one he has a tramp stamp tattoo? I’m not kidding. How many men you know that one that are not Flaming bromos?
    Secondly, his product placement clothing line ups make me sick. Sure I understand that he is just trying to get paid. But if his actions spoke louder then his gimmicks he wouldn’t need to be a walking billboard.

    My 1 cent worth……….

    • Guy says:

      I agree, as crazy as the stuff he is doing he’s turned it into a corny kids TV show. I get it, he’s got a family and trying to make a paycheck, but no one wants to see him get fake sick from a strategically placed 711 slurpee.

  4. cb says:

    that tower did not look like france…

    • Powfiend says:

      That tower is obviously not france, however if he told you where it was then idiots like you would kook it up and there would be one less sick base jumping tower in northern nevada…

  5. extreme bench larry says:

    don’t mind his videos at all. who cares where his fucking tattoo is?

  6. Bert says:

    Most of that was not that interesting.


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