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Even the song in this video is sexy.  Studies have shown that women are attracted to men who engage in dangerous behavior.  Is this true the other way around?  Do guys like girls that do dangerous stuff?

This video shows Roberta BASE Jumping, Diving with Sharks, Kickboxing, Skydiving, and Being Ridiculously Good-Looking.

Roberta has skydived 4 times nude.

“It was chilly, but once I jumped it was a nice feeling to have the wind against my body and to not have a jumpsuit or any clothes flapping against me.” – Roberta Mancino

Nope, no footage of those jumps in here.  Some photos, tho.

What do you all think of Roberta?  of her new promo video?

It looks like she is almost ready for prime time TV.  We don’t think she’s far off.  Nitro Circus?  Phone call?

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  1. Melis says:

    Wanted to chime in from the female perspective. Roberta is hot and if you don’t think she and what she does is sexy, how are the rest of us gonna do?

  2. My stash stays untouched says:

    I think I have just fallen in love…… Thanks unofficial for giving me a new goal….

  3. Smilin Steve says:

    better than a 4G phone…

  4. r9s says:

    this song is on slash’s latest album with fergie!

  5. Jon says:

    Curious, it says she is a Pro base jumper, is there an amateur category or are they all dead?

  6. Base Wanking says:

    This REALLY belongs here.


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