Today was the best day of skiing at Squaw Valley in months. A foot of medium density snow fell overnight making for a super fun day in the mountains. High winds and stormy conditions keep upper mountain closed but there were plany of good times to be had off KT, Red Dog, Far East and Resort Chair. Visibility was in and out for most of day with little spurts of snow here and there.

I think it’s safe to say that the skiers and riders on the hill today were fired up! Lots of hooting and hollering, high fives, smiling faces and sore legs.

Today feel very much like a sleeper powder day with no line up at KT until after 10am. At one point there were empty chairs on Red Dog than full ones. 

This snowboarder was loving the foot of fresh under Red Dog.

This photo of Mike Schuler does a good job of showing the conditions today; a touch crust with a whole lot of powder.  

Powder Skiing is Back! 

Tomorrow could be even better than today with the opening of upper mountain. From the looks of it, the upper mountain is primed to go off and should be open!

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  1. That's my face sir says:

    pow pow in my face!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    No Chimney?

  3. is heckler anonymous? says:

    wow still pretty bare out there huh? i miss that mtn

  4. BoGnar says:

    Everyone go to squaw!!

  5. backlocalsonly says:

    wow, you’re resort blows. Move to were it snows!!!

  6. matt says:

    i heard squaw had a ton of people at it cuz thats where everyone goes on pow days….. too bad there aren’t any good trees!!!!!


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