The day after the Big Mountain event, Cold Rush competitors ramped it up again on the Mandatory Air run at Silverton. Two custom built features and four jumps were set up to for the athletes to throw down in backcountry slopestyle.

Watch the video and vote for the best run at The winner of the peoples choice vote will receive an extra $1000!


  • Dane Tudor
  • Logan Pehota
  • Pep Fujas
  • Wiley Miller
  • Jackie Paaso
  • Rachael Burks

After seeing the footage from the Big Mountain Day this must have felt a fun day at the park for the athletes. 

To read more about the Slopestyle event check out this article from Red Bull about the event .

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That hand tap on the ridge from Wiley was tight!

  2. asiasi says:

    cool but leave it to skiers to have such flat landings……ouch man……

  3. wickes says:

    what happened to pettit?

  4. YEEE says:

    rachael burke? why is she in this?

  5. Miles Clark says:


  6. Throttle Dog says:

    They make it look like they’re landing on concrete.

  7. Tucker says:

    real impressive skiing lulz

  8. Chaz McBone says:

    Yeah, that was pretty f’in disappointing, especially after last year.

    1) Where is Petit, Sage, etc?
    2) People throwing some ugly ass shit.
    3) Women’s skiing sucks. Did Burke really through a no grab straight air?


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