As an area of high pressure strengthens over the west, as shown in the graphic, record high temperatures are possible in several locations in the Sierra, northeast California, and western Nevada on Wednesday and Thursday. The table is summarizing a few of the locations around the area with the forecast high, the record high (in red), and the year of the record high.
For the very latest forecast temperatures please check:

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  1. Flipper Dan says:

    Winters over everybody, sorry.
    At least last week was fun

  2. YaddidaShred says:

    … rad…

  3. Hairfarmr says:

    Fret not Pow Hounds, a friend of mine from Australia arrives on St Patricks day.. he always brings big snowfall ( he brought it last year, albeit a little late but it sure did dump after he got here on 2/24 last year)

  4. deaf forever says:

    May is gonna be epic.

  5. Bandini says:


  6. Ouch says:

    Miracle March!

  7. Heckler says:

    More like MELTDOWN MARCH

  8. BIG O says:

    the slop gets sloppier

  9. scrubitkook says:

    sorry tahoe i gave u a chance… back to montana where it is “winter” during winter. this place blows, overpriced, over brobrah’ed, the only good thing about tahoe is the CBC!!!!! F@$% ur stupid mountains, F@#$ ur stupid scene, u are all lame and sqauw valley blows! have fun losers. dont ever come to montana plz, we dont need a bunch of skittlethuggayhobo style losers ruining the good thing. peace.

  10. scrubitkook says:

    not me… lame, thanks

  11. I’m gonna get on the water and continue to ride. Should I get the Ocean kayak Nalu or the Liquid Logic Versa??

  12. Bob McBob says:

    2012/2013 worst winter ever


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