Beginner Slope

Blue Square

Black Diamond

Double Black Diamond


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  1. Lost in the East says:

    Ha! Ha! This is perfect! What area posted these signs?? We all forget that skiing is about fun and laughing at yourself.

  2. Peter says:

    :people yelling (PIZZA FRENCH FRIES) but not the food.

  3. wasatch-bc says:

    seen all these except a snowboarder building jumps at a resort? is this common in some places?

  4. w says:

    These would all be blue squares in Wyoming

  5. HorseMouth says:

    Double Black Diamond
    Life long telemark skier sliding sideways down the slope in an awkward rhythmic pattern ruining even more snow than the beginner snowboarder.

    • The Mighty Het says:

      Lifelong tele skier realizing his pot stash is finally empty…..looks down and screams ” these bindings SUCK!”

  6. How about says:

    Snowboarders have a blind side on 50% of their turns

  7. AT says:

    That is pretty funny, but where did it come from? Who made it? Where did you find it?

    Let’s give some credit to the creator please!

  8. Master of Puppets says:

    Good skiers are going so fast they don’t need to look behind them.

  9. Bob Metz says:

    you’re a real soup bone…

  10. geriatic Skier Gurl says:

    LMAO at the intermediate sign, need to add “old persons terrifying downed snowboarders until they see the geezers really can steer around them and stay upright going over that lump you just built.”

  11. anonymousskiier says:

    They need to include one for catwalks — row of snowboarders sitting down, creating a wall, killing all of your speed.

  12. g-man says:

    if you don’t learn from these signs, you’re gonna have a bad time.

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  14. Nic says:

    couldn’t have summed it up better! if these signs are for sale anywhere it would be great!

  15. Amazing but... photoshopped says:

    Just look at the background around the actual sign. Every one of them has the same exact background… still funny tho

    p.s. sorry to be a kill joy

  16. Anonymous says:

    Black diamond- skiers standing on top of run scoping their line & pole whacking for 20 min

  17. Internetskiers are douches says:

    I like how skiers always complain about snowboarders sitting down on a run. Ok that’s one object to go around.

    How about when a skier falls and all of a sudden it’s an obstacle course. Instead of one person sitting, you have a body sprawled out, a ski ten feet above him, another ski somewhere above that, a pole that made its way to the other side of the run, and another pole somewhere else. Now you’ve got five land mines to dodge.

    I’d say a fallen skier is a way bigger issue than a fallen snowboarder. So all you skiers should probably just stfu on that topic.

  18. Bob Barker's phone says:



  19. ColoRADo says:

    This spring the Colorado State Legislature will be deliberating changes to the Skier Safety Act, including: “Skier’s must yield to the downhill skier/rider and snowboarders must yield to the toe-side skier/rider.” to account for the different fields of vision,


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