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G3 big mountain freeskiing athlete John Wells just got his hands on some new powder toys from G3, coming out fall 2012. Looks like he’s enjoying them just fine. Mt Baker and backcountry.

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  1. adprice says:

    dude, dont ski in the back seat

  2. Chaz McBone says:

    Writing in the 3rd person now? Sweet.

    You must, like, be some kind of pro or something, huh? Cool.


  3. Chaz McBone says:

    Not to mention, none of that skiing was impressive. You still ski like a kook and avoid all of the techy lines.

    You are good at hot tubbing off of moderate sized drops though, so there’s always that.

  4. mo says:

    but that was a super sick 180

  5. Hello says:

    I’m not going to sit here and say you are a bad skier but seriously, does G3 actually sponsor you for skiing like any decent normal non-pro skier does?!

  6. Anti-kook says:

    Thought the skiing in this video was pretty good. Not sure why everyone’s hating.

  7. me says:

    I agree, pretty average(if not below average) for one of you “unofficial” guys.


  8. butters says:

    dude i cant believe you are sponsored im so much sicker than you

  9. John says:

    I can ski like that, maybe I should get sponsored.

  10. John Wells is a Joey says:

    I told you that I’d bump you from Kook to Joey if you kept on improving your post quality. Now, this post is better, there’s no direct shit-talking and you ease off the self-aggrandizement.

    However, you still ski in the backseat, put too much weight on your uphill ski, and haven’t figured out how to make a smooth right footer back into the cliff band on the lower part of the arm.

    Now, I’m not a ski coach (anymore), so don’t talk shit to me either. I just figured you might want some pointers on how to look better on video, so people don’t call you out for sucking anymore.

  11. Skier BRO'di'duh says:

    G3′s secret powder weapon. Let me guess,, slight camber underfoot with a good amount of tip splay.??? Soo mind-blowing it took them four seasons to catch-up.

  12. bra says:

    i’m totally sponsored by g3 bra!!! they let me borrow some skis so i would post on, they even gave me a free sticker !

  13. Al says:

    Have any of you maybe gave some thought to the fact that the skis may suck so bad this skier is trying really hard to stay on them?

    That’s what it looks to me.

  14. Biggus D says:

    the snow and the terrain look sick!


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