Bald eagles swarm truck outside a Safeway in Alaska

Read more on this story here – Police Break Up Eagle Party at Safeway 

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  1. Andrew says:


  2. Jarrett says:


  3. USA says:

    Someone was hauling some Freedom

  4. Muir says:

    Alaskan sea gulls

  5. DaveMan50 says:

    This is not good. It looks like as many juvenal’s as adults. They may all be hungry.

  6. Earth says:

    Its not a lot of eagles its just that we’ve killed so many of them in most overpopulated sates that 30 eagles seems like a lot. This coming from a Californian who no longer has Grizzly bears which are the state animal. Sorry I’m drunk ona bus in Idaho, talk about wolfes too.

  7. Dr. Science says:

    Dumpster chickens

  8. mdskier says:

    Looks like a tailgate party at a Philadelphia Eagles game.

  9. 'Merica says:

    That Safeway is in the armpit known as Dutch Harbor. There are no crows, sea gulls, or ravens to pick through the trash only eagles. When you get to see a bald eagle jump out of a dumpster with a chicken bone in its beak, firsthand, its a unique experience. Some local must have had bait or something in the bed of that truck.

  10. ShredZgnar says:

    This is totally normal in seward ak. There was probably a fresh kill and or fish in the back. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Only thing out of the ordinary is calling the cops for a buncha birds

  11. Igor Forever says:

    I wanna know what the hell is in that truck.

  12. Bob says:

    Who’s the moron that called the cops? Send them back to California where kooks like them belong.


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