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People are freaking out over the storm that is about to impact the east. Here is a clip from the NYC mayors office from earlier today.


But in all seriousness… the storm could produce blizzard conditions of potentially historic proportions in parts of New England. 1 to 2 feet of snow is forecasted along the densely populated Interstate 95 corridor from the New York City area to Boston and beyond.

Blizzard warnings have now been issued from parts of southern and eastern New England, including Boston, Hartford and Providence, to the New York City metro area and Long Island.

By The Numbers

  • 500 flights canceled
  • 12 to 18inches of snow expected in NYC
  • 65 mph wind gusts
  • 32 degree temperature change in D.C. over the past 24 hours 
  • 250,000 tons of salt on standby in NYC
  • 27.6″ Boston’s all time snowfall record

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  1. Choogmeister Flash says:

    East Coast doesn’t have monster snowblowers and monster truck plows, they doooooom’d

  2. rainman says:

    Sounds great, how do I get to the mountain..

  3. Anonymous says:

    NEMO such a scary name..

  4. MBLindy says:

    Going to Killington and by the a few states have limited Blowers however ever
    hear of a Walters or an Oshkosh they are Old Skool LARGE Plowz they still make-em and YES they have Wings

  5. crudmaster says:

    Only problem may be too much snow…most of the runs aren’t steep enough to handle it…I’ll be making power 11′s all the way down…

  6. D$ says:

    Cue the global warming/climate change argument in 3..…2…1

  7. SKI OR FORGET IT says:

    departing 7am from nyc tom, fri, & hoping to get to my hotel before it gets bad.

    after i get to my hotel, let the snow commence!!

  8. I hate the NE says:


    Run for the hills! NO! Wait… Hunker!

    Wait, get water and bread, no go to the ATM get cash out,

    The world is ending! Anything but S…N..O..W.. !

  9. weaksauce says:

    I thought people were hardcore on the east cost? Guess not…

  10. eastcoaster says:

    Snowblower, generator, pick up truck, bc gear – some of us rightside guys are set up to handle this shit. Granted it is overkill 98% of the time. I am pumped when the west gets pounded. Snow is snow no matter where you are – just fucking enjoy it.

  11. scrubitkook says:

    dude we just got 2 inches in tahoe!!!! so sickgnar….. i would take the 2 feet right now….


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