Alex Gavic and his homies at Paradise have been sending me edits all season and I think the recent pow is reminiscent of early December when most of this edit was shot. These guys know how to have a good time and  have more skills than just building and hitting jumps. Alex and his buddies hiked the Y-Couloir two times last week just to see how things were looking. That is pretty baller considering that the Y is super thin right now with rock gnar on the exit and mega sugar up near the top. Keep it rolling fellas and keep sending us the goods!

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  1. carl says:

    wow that looked super fun. front flip at 1:34 was pretty impressive too

  2. u kno me. says:

    Not lame

  3. Unofficals father says:

    I am so much better than these guys. Daryn I am so much better than you I told it to you like a billion times to your face today you pretend not to hear me.

  4. hahahhahahahahaha says:

    wow…..hurting for content?

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