Tanner, Chuck and OWA give and interesting recap of what went down with the Panda tribe last season. From training with Chuck to the comp circuit with OWA it was a very successful season for our bamboo gripping brothers. The edit runs a little long, but stick around until the end or a special Panda promotion.

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  1. PC3 says:

    Way to represent pebble tanner. Keep on ripping it up!

  2. EGB says:

    fuggggggggggggggg yes that was radtacular!!!!!!

  3. Fartbag McMonodouche says:

    that was great

  4. TanSnowMan says:

    Haha! Thanks to everyone for the stoke! This video was one of my favorite Panda Vid editing projects to date, and had some great input from a lot of people. We are so pumped for this season and know that we are only going to continue pushing the bar higher and higher for ourselves. So glad to share it with you all and big thanks to Unofficial for the constant support! Tribe up!


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