North Face Masters

Photos and words: Diane Harrington

Shannan Yates has once again taken first place at her home mountain of Snowbird in the last stop of the North Face Masters of Snowboarding. Shannan also claimed the overall tour title for 2012. This is Shannan’s second overall tour title and her 6th Katana sword making her the most decorated female rider in tour history. With stats like that and the amazing person Shannan is maybe Snowbird will finally sponsor her season pass next year….

Second place ladies finish went to long time Snowbird local Beth Weissman. Third place was taken by Cindy Lou Grant another Snowbird shredder. Nice work to all the Snowbird ladies that killed it last weekend!

Other notable Snowbird finishes were Jacob Levine, a Snowbird employee and head coach of “Team Utah” the freestyle snowboarding team making the podium with a 4th place finish. Tenth place finish was awarded to Tyler Anderson who put on one of the best shows of the day.  We all hope to see more of Snowbird’s male riders in the top 10 next year.

Matt Carter

Matt Carter giving it hell in North Chute.


Powder Turn


Shannan Yates

Shannan Yates sending it strait to 1st place!


Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson hitting the man side on the Broom Closet


Ryan Hudson

Ryan Hudson taking it big!


Podium for North Face Masters

Shannan, Beth and Casey stoked to be at the top of the pile!


Jacob Levine

Jacob Levine took 4th. The best showing from a male local this year.

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  1. Thanks Dee! Alta Snowboard Team and Little Cottonwood representing! Great pics and story.

  2. rc says:

    Yo! Dope vid! Anyone have the shot of me blasting and stomping that cliff in the middle? It was the best part of my run. Kinger


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