Nimbus Independent’s Niseko segment from En Route might be the best Japan footage of all time. Its a couple years old, but they just reposted it. This one has it all – deep snow, good light, pillows, booters, and a quality soundtrack. The only thing its missing is big lines, but unfortunately no one has managed a well-made segment featuring Japan’s bigger terrain (yet). The whole segment is packed with entertaining skiing, but the way they link up features from 2:00 – 2:20 really defines Japan skiing. Is the best Japan segment ever made?

Nimbus did another trip to Hokkaido this January, so look for more Japow dropping in Fall 2012.

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  1. JapanOnTheBrain says:

    Quality edit per usual!!

  2. Geek says:

    So sick!!! Level 1 has a pretty good segment this year, but Nimbus definitely the original in japow style…

  3. Bronic says:

    Solid segment for sure, but the Niseko segment from MSP’s The Way I see It still does it for me..

  4. Nicky B says:

    Yeah they shipped sleds from the states this year, so they could get out to some gnarlier terrain. Nimbus kills it, best edits in skiing.

  5. Tony says:

    Japan sement from REALTIME for sure

  6. Lee Lyon says:

    Theres some tough competition for best Japan segment ever, for sure. What does it for me in this one is the bluebird days and good light. Although, Realtime has that sick bluebird day in Asahidake…


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