More Mountain Rage Caught On Camera

OGDEN — A snowboarder said he feared for his safety on the slopes during an altercation with an angry father. It happened after he accidentally collided with the man’s son. Read more at

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  1. Josa says:

    Well. The father is a total dick. Perhaps it was a mixture of paternal instinct to protect his son and a little bit of Utah’s local animosity towards snowboarders.

    But the truth is that the snowboarder should have been more careful. The one who is down the slope from where you are has ALWAYS the priority. Slow down, and think that they can change direction suddenly. Especially if you are in mellow runs as such, full of kids.

    Oh, and typical stupid KSL reporting of no news.

    • your an idiot says:

      He was side slipping and the kid pulled out and didn’t look up hill. Its the kids fault!

      • what about the Blind side mang says:

        Im a skier and it kinda bugs me when skiers get on their pedestals and rip snowboarders out for causing crashes.
        They have a serious blind spot that you as a skier should recognize and account for.
        If you just piss around assuming that you as the person downhill have the right of way then you will continue to be collided with.
        In my opinion that is what causes crashes.
        People not paying attention to what is happening around them and above them.
        you wouldn’t pull out onto the road in your car without looking to make sure its clear, nor would you change lanes on the highway without checking your mirrors.
        So why the hell would you do it on a ski slope?
        In saying all of that, the snowboarders foresight could have been a little better.

        • foothill skier says:

          WELL SAID!!! I was about to post similar and saw you nailed every point. that skier resp code needs to be updated

          • Scott McMahon says:

            Yeah the skier code is WAY outdated. Teaching people they have the right of way just because they are lower on a slope is pretty ridiculous and probably only worked 20 years ago.

      • jackass says:

        yea, blame your lack of skills on the small children learning to ski on the beginner trail. “she snowplowed right in front of me”

      • MEEE says:

        I LIKE HAMBURGERS! :-)

    • JP says:

      Yep the father was an idiot. There’s no room for throwing punches on the ski hill. I’m certain he’ll get his ass kicked if he keeps that up. In short yes the downhill does have the right of way, but that doesn’t mean anyone should ignore using good common sense. When you walk across a busy street you look both ways. Parents should be teaching their kids to look up-slope before they start skiing from a stop or as they attempt to traverse a slope. Doing this could have avoided this situation all together.

      At the end of the day:
      1) accidents happen
      2) Almost all of us have had a collision on the hill a time or two; it comes with the territory
      3) Guys that overreact and throw punches will be dealt with and open themselves up to a beating!

    • Anonymous says:

      Skiinsnowboarders Should JusT Start Sling

    • ray says:

      the father is a nut case. why did he not A. teach the child to look up the hill before you take off. B. a piece of SHOT for a Dad. he should have looked up the hill and held on to the young skier once it was clear to pull out. then release the young child once it was clear. rules of the ski mountains!! Assault and battery….lock him up!!!!!!

  2. lifeofloon says:

    The man stopped in the center of the trail creating the hazard the boarder was trying to avoid. If he had the common sense to stop on the SIDE of the trail, the snowboarder who was by the video proof in control would have had an open slope to navigate away from the other child that was cutting in on him from his left.
    I hope the kid does press charges. Accidents happen but and adult even slightly assaulting a kid should not be tolerated.

  3. roach says:

    yo fuck that kid

  4. skieo says:

    Who=ich dad didn’t look up the hill when he let the small boy ski into the path of the boarder AND the little girl. ??? The dad is a moron. Mom shouldn’t let the kid out in the care of the irresponsible and unstable man.

  5. Mtn Dad says:

    If that little shit hit my boys I would have broken his leg…fucking retard flying through a slow zone filled with kids…fuck him

    • Anonymous says:

      and if i saw you hit a kid in front of me because your douchebaginess decided to stop in the middle of the trail and not even bother looking uphill before sliding right out in front of someone you’d probably be much worse off than the kid you would have just tried assaulting. All over a simple accident that could have been avoided if you followed the first rule of ski etiquette.

    • Wat says:

      1st: not flying
      2nd: don’t stop in the middle of the trail
      3rd: get over yourself

    • lifeofloon says:

      and if i saw you hit a kid in front of me because your douchebaginess decided to stop in the middle of the trail and not even bother looking uphill before sliding right out in front of someone you’d probably be much worse off than the kid you would have just tried assaulting. All over a simple accident that could have been avoided if you followed the first rule of ski etiquette.

    • wilkey says:

      If I saw you assault a kid I would cut of the soles of your feet, cook and feed them to you 1st born child. Then I would make you helplessly watch while i to terrible things to your loved ones. But I’m not that evil, So I hope that you break your face on a stump

    • Anonymous says:

      Wrong, that man and his kid should have been off to the side, people complain about snowboarders stopping on the trail in people way but skiers do it to. You wouldn’t have done anything. If you were that man you would have been at fault and if you started attacking him I guarantee you would have gotten jumped “mountain justice”. I’ve worked on mountains for 19years ski school and patrol. You should stop complaining while you’re ahead

    • kiteron says:

      Watch the video! You are the UTARD! The slope was not crowded and the knuckle dragger slowed down and was side slipping when things started going wrong. The dad in this case should have done the things differently no doubt. Putting myself in his shoes of the dad and making the same mistakes (like not looking uphill before moving), I would have been really PISSED at the knuckledragger. But the immediate reaction of the dad leads me to believe that he abuses his family and whoever knows this guy should make sure that he gets professional help.

    • Daaave says:

      Mtn Dad huh? Do you even dad for your kids bro? All three of my kids work on various mountains. If I or they saw you fucking up a rider for a collision we’d have every patroller and every off duty employee and every local surround your ass and dismantle you top to bottom. I hope your kids can survive the world with you as a father.

    • parents are way too overprotective nowadays says:

      you shouldn’t have kids

    • yuckazoo says:

      I have to agree, as a father of two young skiers if a snow boarder or skier took one of my kids out, my first reaction would be to make em pay! And…I don’t give a fuck what any of you lame dicks think…right on MTN Dad!

    • ray says:

      your a redneck with no sense. rules of the ski slopes and fact! pull off to the side of the trail
      look uphill before pulling out
      If you were to hit my kid over an “accident” I would either shove a ski up where the sun don’t shine or had you arrested for A&B
      6′-3″240# bench 480# get real moron

  6. AKpowder says:

    Let’s just all have fun on the mountain guys. The snowboarder didn’t mean to hit the kid, The dad is in the wrong this time. Otherwise, fuck snowboarders, Go skiing, and AK>Everything!

  7. idiot dad says:

    What a Jerk dad. I bet he stops on landings of park jumps and thinks its the jumper’s fault when he lands on them. I would like to personally punch that dad in the face and see how he likes it.

    But respect to Go-Pro for finding a mass market of people who are unable ski or ride at a level to avoid situations like this in the first place.

  8. Realistic viewer says:

    The dad is a moron for not checking on his kid,
    The snowboarder was not being reckless but he could have done more to prevent the crash, he could have done an more forceful stop or turned parallel to the bitch who cut him off

  9. snowbasin sucks says:

    it seems like something bad always happens there and it’s caught on video.

  10. Kaleb says:

    We all have had incidents on the slopes but this guys was out of line. The kid was taken out but not injured. I think the young guy is taking it too far trying to find out the guys name and “might press charges” what happens on the slopes stays on the slopes skiing’s meant to be enjoyed by everyone. The boarder needs to learn from this and realize not everyone’s in-control when on the slopes.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Give me back my Son!

  12. Man says:

    I don’t know how I would react if my son was hit like that but good thing nobody was hurt, for both kids
    Unfortunately the boarder was hit not once but twice

  13. Anonymous says:

    this guys lives in Park City…. successful business owner too its a shame

  14. Noname says:

    100% the snowboarders fault for hitting the kid. Gotta be in control and pull your head outta your ass and yield to anyone (or anything) downhill of you, stopped or not. Doubt dad decided to “stop” in the middle of the run, most likely the kid stopped or fell and dad was cleaning up the mess. Dad over reacted and is a douche bag for doing so. Snowboard kid’s mom is a grubbing bitch for making her kid a “victim” and taking this to the media and not whopping her own kids ass for being an idiot.

    • moron says:

      Huh? Watch the video… not the snowboarders fault…shouldn’t stop in the middle of the run….and 2 teacgh your kids to go down the hill…not sideways cutting in front of people. Downhill has right of way….yes… but the snowboarder tried to yield… not his fault

  15. Brien says:

    Anyone read the ski snowboard responsibility code. It doesn’t matter what the dad or the kid did. You are responsible for making sure you don’t hit anyone below you.

    • Chris says:

      If the dad and the kid are stopped like it looks like in the video than it is their responsibility to look for uphill skiers before moving. According to the responsibility code the little kid (or father) are at fault.

      • Anonymous says:

        you still have to avoid people downslope from yourself. the boarders first mistake was getting too close to the little girl. second mistake was hitting the little kid downslope. when you’re on the greens you have to slow down and avoid all the beginners.

  16. Whitey says:

    Douche bag Dad’s kids are gonna grow up to be douche bags too. Great example ya douche bag.

    • Ski2Fly says:

      Fucking typical clueless teenager. He is sitting there totally in denial of his actions explaining how he was “cut off”. When he gets his drivers license he’ll probably ram into a fucking parked car.
      Watch the video, then watch it again. If the kid paid any attention to what he was doing he would see the blue coat girl, what she is doing and where she is going to go, all while he is catching up to her and the dad and the little kid just standing there. It’s obvious where she is going to go, denial boy’s parents need to get him to lay off the weed.
      Did the dad over react? Probably, but his kid just got cold-cocked by one of those inconsiderate snowboarders that are always freaking out of control.
      Bottom line, the kid getting hit is 100% Daniels fault, man up and own up to your mistake kid The dad, well, he should have just yanked his pass and gave it to the ski patrol to deal with.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dad is just pissed that he has to ski with his sucky kids all day

  18. CavemanRC says:

    As the father of a 5 year old, no matter how hard you try to keep them from stopping in the middle of a run or below the crest of a hill, don’t care/understand and stop wherever they want and it’s always a battle between keeping an eye on them and an eye uphill. The onus is on the person uphill to ski/ride with care, not the person downhill to avoid getting hit. It was the teen’s fault for not riding in enough control on a crowded slope, that when “getting cut off” he could avoid crashing into other people on the slope. That being said, the teen showed a lot more class than the father in the aftermath of the indecent. More than most of his peers on the slopes these days.

  19. Carson Ranger says:

    The Dad is a douche, one of the countless douches plus all their friends and family members that ALL OF US have a responsibility to avoid if they are below us on the hill. Just because the Dad is tooling around in the middle of the slope and has no idea what’s going on doesn’t mean we don’t have to avoid him. #snowboader fail ~~ you have more controls on skis, anyway

  20. Guy Who Skis says:

    I’m going to buy some Spyder gear right now! Great edit!

  21. yo tyson says:

    dude’s got a CLEAN left hook

  22. Anonymous says:

    on purpose or not ! he could have kill the little boy, now trying to find out who it was so he does not do this to anyone else ? come on boy, once you have your own kids – play smart !!!

    such situations happened regulary to my kids – and boy, this guy was still nice to you !!! this was not punch !!! i would not say a word to you, but trust me, you would not be safe on that slope anymore !!!

  23. Tucker Money Bags says:

    This idiot (don’t care if he was knuckle draggin or two plankin’) caused not 1 but 2 collisions with CHILDREN that were below him.

    HE IS AT FAULT!!!!!!!

    If it was my kid Id have hit him with the ski!
    (Not right to do but I would be just as pissed as that kids dad!)

    • Soon-to-be Ski dad says:

      Wow, very American of you. How about this….as the adult responsible for a small child you take a more proactive approach to keeping them safe.

      Accidents happen all the time, and if you move through life expecting other people to be responsible for your safety then good luck. This could have been avoided by both parties involved. When you have a child on a crowded trail you should keep them close to you, and demonstrate practices that keep everyone safe, instead of looking for avenues through which you can point blame at someone else.

      Fuck rules, it’s called common sense

  24. bill says:

    the dad is reacting the way any parent would. true he should have kept a hand on his kid and checked upslope but the bottome line is you yield to the downhill skier/boarder.
    the boarder was going faster than he could control. he almost hit the little girl and then did hit the little boy.
    you see this alot with beginners and cluess intermediates: going too fast in slow zones, going faster than they can control, not being aware of who and what is downslope fo them.

  25. curmudgeon says:

    Putting on my former Ski Patrol Director hat (if there was an encounter with Patrol from a collision incident all this would written in a report)

    From the video and map off google that was Dan’s Run. Based on the patch of snow left on Google Maps. That is a fairly steep pitch at the end. The boy and Dad were stopped in the middle below the crest of pitch. They don’t come into view until the boarder crested the top. Carrying speed he was trapped as he avoided the girl. So here are the mistakes:

    1. Dad and boy stopped in an obstructed view location in the middle of a narrowing steep pitch on a blue run.

    2. Snowboarder should of slowed when approaching as there were people standing at the top of the pitch crest. That should of told him to slow or stop.

    3. After seeing the girl come into view from his backside he should of carved to the right and went down if he anybody it should of been the Dad or his friends.

    4. Ski patrol should of put a SLOW sign in the middle of that run at the top of the crest. Forcing people to stop and head down safely in small groups.

    what caused the collision?

    #2 Boarder was riding too fast and didn’t have the skill to avoid traffic and failed to recognize a traffic jam.

    The Dad’s overreaction overshadows the facts of who screwed up.

    Had the Kid been really hurt. The Snowboarder would be and is at fault.

    Early season weekend skiing sucks. Sketchy conditions, concentration of mixed abilities on the few runs open. Ski Patrol needs to police steep narrow high traffic areas with more diligence. You can bet right now there is a huge shit storm raining down on Patrol from management and there will be a SLOW sign and patrol hanging out at that location until traffic patterns change as more of the hill opens.

    Lazy traffic management gets people injured and can be easily avoided.

    (Ski Patrol Director hat off, back to being smart ass)

  26. 2nd realistic viewer says:

    The dad was totally out of line for assaulting the snowboarder, you can’t hit people. Should have checked the boy first then contacted ski patrol and let them handle it. That said, the snowboarder was 100% at fault for hitting the boy, it doesn’t matter that he was “cut off” by the girl, he should have looked ahead and determined the situation and slowed down before the accident happened, turned right etc. Yes the dad and/or the boy should have looked up hill, and thats their responsibility, but that does not remove the boarders responsibility to avoid them. Don’t make excuses kid or blame the little boy or the girl, you hit the kid, its your fault. I’m tired of seeing this stuff on the slopes – “I was cut off, you should have….” Its YOUR job to be in control and avoid anyone downhill.

    • wojtekc says:

      You are totally right. The snowboarder kid was 100% responsible for hitting the little boy and his excuses are pathetic. On the other hand the father over reacted however he didnt hit him that hard.
      In europe such accident wouldn’t have never been on the news, LOL.

  27. adkliving says:

    This type of crap only happens out west. We may not get the powder on the east coast but we don’t get the tools either. Your certainly not gonna see it on the news. Everyone thinks there a rockstar these days.

    • Scott says:

      haha i only laugh because I grew up riding on the East Coast….and there were more tools than a tool shed. Sure nobody thought they were a pro, but they were all D-bag New Yorker’s wanting to smoke cigarettes and get in fights. “hey guy what’s your fawkin problem”?

  28. bertrenolds says:

    The down hill skier always has the right of way no matter what. If the snowboarder didn’t suck so much he would have seen the people in the middle of the run and the girl and could have cut right but he didn’t because obviously he was concentrating on getting some sick gobro grommer footage. Only in utah would the air something so stupid on the news, idot causes crash and blames other person who bitch slaped him on the side of the head. How can the kid have a bruise? He hit his helmet.

  29. BadTRAFFIC says:

    **Know the code. It’s your responsibility.**
    –> Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
    –> People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
    –> You must not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above.
    –> Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
    That being said, 5 wrongs does not make anyone in the right!

  30. PcDan says:

    Snowboarder kid is TOTALLY at fault, and he takes no responsibility for it whatsoever. HE is the problem here! … just another whiner baby trying to blame someone else for their f-up. Yes the Dad overreacted and shouldn’t have hit the kid, but seriously, the boarder slams into his kid a lot harder than the dad hit him … Ow my head hurts now … Grow up and learn how to predict what’s going to happen down slope of you!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Both parties were equally at fault. The snowboarder should have paid more attention to the little girl that “cut him off.” But at the same time, your safety is your own responsibility. If you can’t take simple action to protect yourself/your child (i.e. checking uphill, or moving to the side of the trail) you cannot blame someone else for your oversight.

    The problems are these:
    1)Dad not checking uphill on a trail FULL of people
    2) Dad tweaked out
    3) no one is willing to accept responsibility for their part in the accident.

  32. r-man says:

    that dad is wack. hope he gets in trouble for that shit. you can beat on kids

    • Wap says:

      Until recently in history people would have laughed at you for saying he beat on that kid. Middle school kids playing football slap each other harder on the helmet after a touchdown….

  33. Mike T says:

    If some punk a$$ teenager had hit my kid, I would absolutely beat the crap out of him. Snowboarder was going too fast on a beginner run. He almost hits one kid, then crashes into another.

    Vote me down all you want. Come up to North Idaho and find out what happens when you start popping off.

  34. gordy says:

    people are really sad – humans are a virus
    read some of the comments -

    • yes says:

      it is amazing how many people have no fucking clue about what they are talking about and just throw out ignorant opinions like they are fact.

  35. BMF says:

    Pfffft, whatever, i’m a way bigger asshole than that dad.

  36. Slow your roll says:

    Whoever may be at fault for the collisions, there is no need for further physical violence. It doesn’t matter if the snowboarder was at fault for the collision, he still has the right (a right not a privilege) to file charges against the individual that inflicted the “hit” to his head. The father committed battery (not assault, according to the legal definitions set forth by the United State government) and can be charged for such crime.

    The collision between the snowboarder and children was unfortunate and there could have been actions taken, by both sides, to avoid or mitigate the collision. Although, the actions take by the father after the event were not necessary and nor were they mature (or legal).

    Two wrongs do not make a right.

    • don't do it in the park says:

      assualt and battery are usually lumped together because if you commit battery by definition you are also committing assualt. however you can assault someone with committing battery.

      “Two separate offenses against the person that when used in one expression may be defined as any unlawful and unpermitted touching of another. Assault is an act that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent, harmful, or offensive contact. The act consists of a threat of harm accompanied by an apparent, present ability to carry out the threat. Battery is a harmful or offensive touching of another.”

      just an fyi

  37. Ripp says:

    A snowboarder with any skill would have been able to stop or just go around if he had enough time, and this kid obviously has skill. Just look at the rad footage hes getting on his sweet go pro ripping up the groomers with all of the 8 year olds and their dads…

  38. o_0 says:

    ” I was Fearful!” With spazz ass snowboarders like this its everyone else that has to watch out and be fearful no matter where they are. And this kid must be pretty tender if, what actually looks like a SLAP, to the helmet gave him a bruise and a headache. But he is in the right to press charges…I would be pissed too if some guys kid came out of nowhere and got in my way. Bastard should have been sincere when apologizing for getting mad and brutalizing this poor kid.

  39. Anonymous says:

    People are such pussies. The father didn’t do anything wrong, that boarder just needs to understand why he was upset. NEVER ok to colide with another on the slopes. Fall down, stop, turn – anything else. Quit wining and just aplogize sissy! Downhill skiier or boarder ALWAYS has the right of way, read your lift ticket. As a patroller, the one who ran into another gets the ticket clipped.

    • Afrojive says:

      Read the rest of the tick: You must not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above. Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others. Both parties at fault here.

  40. Anonymous says:

    That dad is alpha

  41. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t have kids, then don’t comment. Because you don’t get it. Once you have a kid of your own come back and tell us how you feel. The Dad over-reacted but who knows, maybe this was the third time one of his kids had been clocked by a snowboarder.

    PS. I ski and snowboard and kick ass at both. Anyone who cannot do both is a suck to call one out over the other.

  42. Miguel says:

    Generalities regarding whether those on skis are more knowledgeable and experienced than those on boards, or vice-versa, and rather useless anectdotal offerings aside, together with the question of who can be or is the bigger douche on snow, let’s assume the small child suffered a catastrophic injury, and that in the aftermath the boarder got his skull crushed as well, by the outraged dad. Here’s how the Law handles it.

    100% of the accident is caused by the boarder. He was uphill, lacked the skill for the slope/circumstance, and the entry of the first skiing girl is not considered a supervening event sufficient to absolve the boarder of his total responsibility for the collision downslope. We could say, “well, the young boy is partly responsible, since his dad and he failed to look upslope prior to sliding,” but that argument fails in court. The infant boy is not chargeable with his own acts of contributory negligence, and the father’s manifest stupidity in stopping in the middle of the slope and allowing his young child to launch into downhill traffic, is not chargeable to the child. If it were the dad who was hit, well then a jury could determine that he was 50% at fault, more or less, and his “damage award” would be reduced in proportion to his fault – depending on the precise law of contributory negligence in Utah. But under the circumstances the accident all falls on the out of control boarder.

    Then, the criminal assault that takes place thereafter would hook the dad. There is no defense of justification, i.e. self-defense or the use of physical force to prevent injury to another. The boarder was down. Depending on the degree of damage he caused to the boarder, the dad is criminally liable, and perhaps laible in civil court as well. The maximum physical force he could use here would be to restrain the boarder from escaping. So, he could sit on the dude, but not slug him. AND, a jury in Ogden would probably nullify any evidence against him short of footage of an actual axe-butchering, given that his child was creamed.

    That said, I can’t wait for the day when we board the lifts through metal detectors to ensure that no one is carrying heavy artillery onto the slopes…and that process will also catch all the stoners’ stashes ‘n flasks, making for a safer, and perhaps more boring experience for all. (sarc button there.)

  43. Pete H says:

    You can’t just blindly cut across a slope, cut someone off and collide with them then blame them for the accident because downslope skier always has right of way. Its like in a car pulling out into the stream of traffic and getting t-boned.

    If snowboarder kid was better he could have avoided the accident but he wasn’t going very fast and the kid came out from behind the dad and wasn’t visible from above.

    • Scott says:

      I totally agree….I’ve either had to put myself down or narrowly avoided an accident by a skier (sorry guys but 9/10 are) cutting across the slope right in front of me. Even when I’m downhill I ALWAYS look up before cutting across a slope or even making a wider turn in my line. I really hope they stop teaching people to ski that way or at least teach them to be aware of their surroundings. I’ve taken out a young kid myself, who suddenly cut right…right in front of me. I’m not sure how the skier’s “code” allows for someone to do that because they are 10 feet lower than me.

      That being said…boarders shouldn’t be straighlining down the mountain either.

  44. Pete H says:

    Downslope skier always has right of way?

    So I can hide behind a tree, ski out just as someone’s coming down, and it would be their fault for the collision? Sure.

    • Afrojive says:

      Srsly people are Pete and I the only ones who remember the 3rd and 4th rules of the skiers code? You must not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above. Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.

      Granted the boarder could have tried to avoid them a bit better but both parties are at fault here.

    • bill says:

      if you’re hiding behind a tree you are not the downhilll skier. you’re an idiot trying to prove a invalid point. ooops.

  45. Keith says:

    I dont care if you ski or ride, if you do not have the basic skills to avoid both of the small children in this incident then take the gopro off and go get some fucking lessons. It’s a beginner slope for Christ sake!

    this snowboard kid is a victim. A victim of bad breeding.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the dad should teach his kid to ski on a easier slope

  47. Who Cares says:

    Regardless of who’s at fault, (I think we can accept that both parties were retarded) I think everyone is missing the point that the teenager and his parents are whiney ass bitches. You got into a little fight on the hill, maybe took one punch and then the day went on. There was no need to call up the press and babble on about everyone doing shit against you. Either suck it up or hit him back.

    Skiing used to be fun before all the litigation.

  48. duhderp says:

    These comments are hilarious. Every situation is different. The snowboarder IS at fault for SUCKING at the sport, a good rider would have been able to weave through or slow down earlier and not get so close.
    The dad IS ALSO at fault for not checking up hill before letting is kid continue.
    They are both at fault and had both of them been better or more knowledgeable there would have been no altercation.
    That kid should have punched that dude between the eyes though.

  49. Rudi Garmisch says:

    Many municipalities have recently passed ski-safety laws, such as the following Wasatch County ordinance:

    No person shall ski or snowboard in a reckless or negligent manner so as to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person, or so as to display a willful or wanton disregard for other persons or property. The primary duty shall be on the Skier or Snowboarder to avoid collision with any person or object below him.

    So under the local laws, the COLLISION is the fault of the snowboarder.

  50. watchthis says:

    Clearly the snowboarder is at fault for the collision.
    1. High traffic area
    2. Dad and kid WERE visible for plenty of distance, and were NOT merging onto a slope or coming out from behind trees. They were all on the same run.
    3. Kid was clearly going too fast given the conditions and amount of people on the slope. If he wasn’t going too fast, he could have avoided the collision. Duh.
    4. Dad over-reacted with the punch. You want to yell at the snowboarder for being out of control and hitting your kid? Sure. Punching him? Too far.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the snow safety code, how can anyone argue the guy and his kid were in violation of rule #3 (You must not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above)?

    If you watch the video, you can see the guy and the kid stopped in the middle of a run. Stopping anywhere on a run does not necessarily mean they were “obstructing” it. There was plenty of room on either side. You can also see them for some distance in the video, so they were clearly visible from above.

  52. kiteron says:

    All of you haters who want to hate and fight do not belong on the slopes get you kicks (or punches) somewhere else.

  53. Pete H says:

    Ha. Definitely agree with last few comments!

  54. Mountain Guide says:

    As a previous ski patroller who has both skied for 30 years and boarded for 15 years. I can confidently say that boarding is more difficult than skiing especially in a slow zone where a minimum amount of speed needs to be maintained. With this said boarders need to try to keep a safe turning distance from others on the hill if at all possible. Yes, I agree the person downhill has the right of way, but as a previous person wrote, the rules of the road apply on the hill also. Look where you are going, be aware of others around you and if you are parenting do this for your children. The father in this case did not provide good due care and attention to protect his own child but the boarder should have been moving slower through a busy zone. It is never the right thing to do to loose your temper and hit someone especially when you are supposed to be an adult.

  55. shralp says:

    Watch the video closely and you’ll see that the skier who “cut me off”, the little girl in blue, was making a slow, consistent turn toward the boarder. Prior to this you’ll notice that the other boarder in front of our filmer got to the top of the crest and slowed down completely. Our filmer dude zipped right on by. The dad and his kid were not stopped completely, they were working their way down a steep section and the dad was doing his best to shield his kid. I don’t blame the dad for losing his control, the jerk on the snowboard could have seriously hurt his young kid. As it is the kid may not want to ski again and consider what a loss that would be. The boarder was 100% wrong and should be banned for at least a month.

    • Heyawhit says:

      Don’t you think before coming to violence as the answer you should at least check to see if your kid is alright?! And it’s pretty evident that snowboarders have a blind spot. Most of us try to be as attentive as possible but it’s hard to have your head cranked the opposite way as your body. If this kid doesn’t want to ski again because of one crash, he isn’t cut out for it anyway. We’ve all had collisions. Get over it. And I say get over it to the snowboarder as well. Shit happens.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Would have socked that dad straight in the face if he touched me. power tripping skier. hope the kid does press charges.

  57. calm down over raged skiiers says:

    would have socked that dad straight in the face if he touched me. power tripping skiers need to get their head out of their ass. hope the kid does press charges.

  58. He was setup says:

    The Dad had this rigged. First he had his 3 year old fall so he could pretend to help him up in the middle of the beginner trail. Then he had his 5 year old daughter suddenly snowplow in to the way of this rad dude, cut him off completely. Then to top it off, the 3 year old doesn’t even know the skiers code, comes out from no where and causes a huge crash. Luckily the rad dude was filming every moment that day and Dad’s plan was exposed.
    For real, snowboarders fault, no question, film backs it up. Dad did overreact, but why does anyone need to come that close(he was there too). That wasn’t a punch either, it was open gloved hand slap to a helmet. This kid will be sorry he let this footage out.

  59. Beemu says:

    Wasn’t even a closed fist, but an open hand push to the head.. Everyone is at fault here. Why? Muricaaaa!

  60. Heyawhit says:

    Collisions happen to everyone. No matter what level you’re at, it’s just the way it is unfortunately. Father completely overreacted and should definitely get a swift kick in the ass but this whole skiers vs. snowboarders is ridiculous. Who cares what you ride, as long as you ride and have a good time doing it.

  61. Anonymous says:

    The kid sucks. He’s side slipping and still can’t stop in time . And what’s up with the patroller he passed right before the crash? Where was he when the dad has to take the law into his own hands?

  62. hayde89 says:

    LISTEN UP. Ok we can talk who’s fault it was all day. Yes the snowboarder didn’t have control and yes the father probably shouldn’t take a beginner up the gondola at snowbasin. But the fact remains that accidents happen. Ive been hit by plenty skiers and boarders in that area. It is a funnel for the entire mountain and takes on heavy traffic. This incident happened not far from the ski patrol incident. Now does the father have the right to be angry of course it is a parental instinct. That gives no one the right to lay hands on one another no matter how hard or soft the punch was. Snowbasin is my home mountain and we have been getting a bad rap for the last couple of years. I love the mountain but there are faults to it.

  63. Anonymous says:

    First of all I get looking below you and being aware of your surroundings and in this you see a little girl approaching which he does seem aware but she is also coming his way, does no one consider that turning skis or a board may not have been able to happen soon enough, you see the shadow of him kind of acknowledging the girl making her aware as well, but you can’t even tell there’s a boy there till he starts slipping away from his dad. Though immediately Daniel was concerned after hitting the kid. I get that this is a concerned parent, but who in their right minds lays a hand on a kid, a grown ass man smacking a kid. Accidents do happen and their both lucky that neither one got a broken bone, & hey it’ll make the kid away in the future! I think that dad was a total jerk, get mad sure but NEVER lay a hand on someone.

  64. Miguel Soria says:

    The snowboarder was out of control he deserved to be punched.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Fucking Snowboard riders

  66. Snow Hound says:

    What a crock of poop. Snowbasin said the incident was resolved “amicably” and they’re glad no one was hurt.
    If the scenario was reversed and some knuckledragging kid hit a guy that plowed into him or his friends ski patrol would have his pass yanked before he got to Earls Lodge.

  67. weallslidedownthemtn says:

    I 1st must introduce myself as both a skier and a Dad with kids who ski a lot. I really am applaud by the comments against snowboarders on this post. This situation could have just as easily been involving a skier. I feel for the Dad who just reacted but obviously has a hard time controlling himself and should be more concerned about his son’s well being. Although he did somewhat cause the problem by being in the middle of the slope stopped without looking uphill prior to letting his little guy start down the slope. As a parent who has skied a lot with little ones this can happen as you are just trying to keep them moving and progressing. The problem the snowboarder created also could have been avoided by being very careful in slow zones especially around blind rollovers. In these areas it is usually best to ski on the side of the slope. This is a tough situation for all parties but I feel there is no need for name calling. We all need to be adults and focus on being more situational aware.

  68. SkiToLive says:

    I watched the whole video and assuming that the snowboarder was wearing a helmet, that definitely did not look or sound like a punch hard enough to cause a bruise.

    The snowboarder is definitely at fault here for the collision. He obviously was not in control when that kid moved from behind the father. I am absolutely positive that any decent skier or snowboarder can put on the brakes faster than this snowboarder did. Going through a high traffic area, he should have known better. I have noticed a lot of you trying to place blame on the father for the crash, yes he was poorly placed, however if any of you have worked with children you would know that they can and will stop wherever they want irrespective of the locations above-hill safety. That’s why as an adult working with a child should always be sure to move the kid to a safer location if they stop somewhere presenting a danger to other skiers and boarders.

    All of that being said though, in no way does it excuse the fathers actions to strike this snowboarder. I don’t think the father should be charged, as I truly believe he was instinctually defended his child as all parents would.

    I would have liked to hear the fathers side of this story along with the snowboarder. I’d also like to see more footage from this snowboarders run to see how he was behaving in heavy traffic earlier on the run. I’d suggest, and many people would disagree with this, that the snowboarder might have been going a little fast this whole run. But then again, that wouldn’t make as riveting news as a father beating up an innocent snowboarder.

  69. Schroder says:

    It doesn’t really sound like snowboarder kid is trying to avoid responsibility or shift the blame. It probably is his fault. But as they say, shit happens. Even someone obeying the alpine responsibility code TO THE LETTER and riding in complete control can cause a collision – if something unexpected happens, terrain changes unexpectedly, or you judge a situation wrong – human error. Hell, what if you’re skiing down and a binding blows out? You fall and slide, maybe there’s a kid in your sliding path, not your planned skiing path.

    And if you’re going to be a crazy person and use violence to avenge yourself in the people who wrong you/your kid, at least check on your kid first. Fucks sake.

  70. Teton Van Aukenbok says:

    All 4 of the characters in this incident are a problem & are hazardous to planet Earth. Proudly on my behalf I would like to say first & foremost how fantastic it would be if you would all say N-O to pro creation & a very BIG YES to Population Control! Because breeding never felt so wrong.
    This message was brought to you by our proud sponsors Monster Energy, Wendys, Monsanto, Camel Filters, & Obama

  71. Danimal says:

    1) Dad is a f*cking douche. Probably the dad from “My dad can beat up your dad” park rat clip.
    2) The teen is a f*cking pussy. So are his friends.
    3) The child was trying to have fun, like everyone else. Sorry he got hit, but he’s fine…. if his dad didn’t emotionally scar him.
    4) “It don’t matter to Jesus.”


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