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This video is some CRAZY S#%T and  about to BLOW UP online all over the place! This is evidence why you shouldn’t host Mountain Bike races in the Serengeti of Africa! Dudes just lucky this wasn’t a Lion or something and didn’t get eaten out there.

Definitely safe to say this little incident ruined this guys day. OUCH!

Antelope takes out Mountain Biker in Africa

I guess this Antelope looking animal is called a Red Hartebeest and they can get to around 350lbs.



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  1. Camera man says:

    “Holy Cow!”

  2. Steve S. says:

    Holy Cow is right!! that was crazy.

  3. el extremo says:

    Yep, that is why I wear a helmet….. just incase I get hit but a huge fucking African animal.

  4. reno local says:

    life is so much more entertaining now that everyone has a gopro.

  5. Green Bastard says:

    Damn Nature, You Scary.

  6. Lumberg says:

    Trey slays antelopes

  7. Rich says:

    Rye, rye, Rocco
    Marco Esquandolas!
    Run run run run run run run run run run run run

    obviously his gearshift wasn’t set for the high gear of his soul….

  8. Rich says:

    on a more serious note, good thing it wasn’t a cape buffalo. Hy sou gewees het ‘n Dodeman.

  9. Kate says:

    I’m so shocked the guy walked away from this! I’m going to go hug my helmet now .

  10. Alex says:

    That was insanely great!
    Roadkill fighting back… is it evolution?


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