It was another showdown at Squaw Valley USA today. Yet another one of those days when you’re STOKED that you’re not at Whistler, Jackson, Telluride, Stowe, or god forbid…Snowbird. It’s real simple, we’re just cooler here. I mean…we are Californians after all. Perfect powder, warm California sunshine, hot girls, plenty to huck yourself off, and one helluva show going on at all times right in front of you. Combine all that with blackout dates that have all the local rippers on the sidelines right now and you’ve got yourself a nice little holiday. So yeah, what the hell? Lets do it all again with 2 more feet of perfect California snow by Thursday morning? I think I’m okay with that.

Mike Wilson teed off on the fingers today. The double backflip he threw was absolutely gorgeous. The landing wasn’t super soft, but Mike is made of pure muscle. Adam Ruscitto gets a special note today as well as he was the first to ski McConkey’s with turns this season.   Eric Bryant provided the sweet helmet cam footy.

Here is a look of Wilson’s Back’s from the point of view of Jeremy Jones. “This may be the biggest air I have ever seen in person.”

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  1. Shlammy says:

    Um….is anyone from the OTHER resorts ever going to do anything cool? Or do we just have to keep towing the line here? I mean, c’mon!

  2. Tim Konrad says:

    A Big F#$K Yeah to Mike and Adam. Way to get after it guys.

  3. hollywood says:

    while you guys might think hucking you meat at any possible second makes you ‘cool’ but here in utah having the ability to be neck deep in the greatest snow on earth when we are 80 on our own joints keeps us making sane decisions.

    u guys keep ‘towing the line’ ill have fun watching.

  4. Shlammy says:

    Feel free to keep boring us with your “ssswwweeeettttttt tttttuuuurrrnnnnssssss” Utah…..

  5. EasttoWest says:

    Step your game up Utah stop being such mormons

  6. Sammy says:

    More Mike Wilson please…….

  7. Tim Konrad says:

    “More Mike Wilson please…….”

    We agree. More Mike Wilson!

  8. Asquawnamous says:

    Hope you didnt break those sweet Timy Dutton Pro models mikey!

  9. Mikey says:

    Hollywood, welcome to Squallywood. Now step yo’ game up! I can only watch so many pole plants.

  10. In case anyone is wondering, I saw Wilson snowboarding today watching the mogul comp on Red Dog. He said he feels fine, and had a fall earlier in the day that hurt worse than the double bf fall.

  11. lmh says:

    Oh, you poor BrAS from sqauw that think that was sticking a dbl back flip. Stay at your crowded, flat, sierra cement ski area it wont bother us. We’ll be enjoying our vert for days while watching people actually sick landings.

    • Brasky says:

      hmmmmm, I didn’t see anyone anywhere mention the idea of that being called a stuck double back flip. You’re right, Squaw is flat, and no one ever sticks landings here (except all the local pros that have starred in every MSP movie ever made). You’re a tard.

  12. forest burki says:

    damn, thats goin for it

  13. cindy j says:

    Good video Mike!! Hope your momma wasnt watching till it came out on vid….Looks like you had a wonderful season !!!! from one of your extra moms….cj

  14. j says:

    in whistler an have more pow so could care less for those other places

  15. ShredZgnar says:

    Quit hating on the OTHER resorts… you know your gonna be at tline this summer… since your mtn closed so early. Just enjoy the stoke of riding not the resort your at… Id rather hike all day than stand in line anyways. +1 to the smaller resorts!! Like Tline in the winter!

  16. Nathan says:

    sweet vid guys, would love to rock it there some time!

  17. saucer boy says:

    i cant believe these guys are pro. i’m sooo much better!!


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