You will be happy to know that this Mass-Hole plow driver got canned for this video. Story below. 

LOWELL, Mass. —A private contractor paid to plow Massachusetts streets has been fired after he recorded himself on video joking about burying cars during the blizzard earlier this month. Mark Hussey, who goes by the name Dogg, was plowing in Lowell on Feb. 10 when he videotaped himself pushing snow banks back. He was fired from his job Friday after the video went viral. “My boss fired me from the best job I ever had in 30 years driving a truck,” Hussey said. “It was a stupid two-minute video.” Hussey said he was not doing anything other than opening the streets and making light of the situation. “This morning I apologized to the city manager, but it was too late,” he said. “That’s good. He deserves it,” said Mike Langlois, who claims Hussey plowed in his vehicle. 


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  1. NotFree says:

    pushin’ the snow like Tony Montana hahahahaha

  2. kook says:

    glad I don’t live there anymore, it sucked!

  3. ThisIsLame says:

    The guy is plowing and happens to have funny hate commentary while he does it. I don’t give a shit, it’s snow. He’s a couple feet away like they always are and he’s having fun on a job that can get boring. His only mistake was posting his video online. The cars were already buried, he only added to their problem but got the road clear for everybody else…am I wrong?

    • Paul says:


      His comments posted on the video… Sadly, given the level of the entry bar to today’s mainstream media, I don’t doubt this.

      “Oh and BTW…the LOWEST offer i have had for a tv production is 5 times my truckin salary. i guess gettin fired DOESN’T SUCK!”

  4. Obverse says:

    Should not have been fired. If you dont want your car plowed in, don’t park in the fucking streets.

    • Paul says:

      Apparently now he is getting TV offers for “5 times his salary” (see his youtube channel)

    • somer villen says:

      lowell is a city and many people are not allowed to park in the driveways by rule of their lease bruh. this guy is a clown but thats what blue collar fucks in new england are like. i wouldnt have it any other way

    • Obverse says:

      Oh Greg, you scamp you…

    • MassHole says:

      this video is hilarious. i don’t think he deserved to get fired. next storm, these people should park in their driveways or not on the road.
      by the way, i think barstool had it first. but that doesn’t matter.
      masshole for life

  5. Sqikunst says:

    This is awesome!!!! If he doesnt hit any cars how is he not doing his job?

  6. Mike Thompson says:

    The Vid was not smart. But this is now the world we live in, spew your internal sick shot to the world.

    Looks like he is a pretty good plow driver. As stated he did what they do and did not hit any cars?

    Taking some caustic pleasure in doing his job is not grounds to be fired.

  7. gnarrr says:

    hahah. I honestly could not stop laughing, awesome commmentary

  8. Marsehar says:

    He’s a dick, but so are all the other people on the street… because they’re from Mass. They cancel each other out. Who cares? Screw Massivetwoshits…

  9. Snowplow driver says:

    Now ya see it. Now ya don’t motha fucka! Ahahaha

  10. pj says:

    Dont post everything on the net.. That being said this is funny ,however loose lips sink ships.He should not have been fired

  11. Another snowplow driver says:

    What did he get fired for? He was plowing the city streets and having fun while doing it!

    To anybody mad at this guy go fuck yourselfs! Try working 20 consecutive 18 hr graveyard shifts you thankless civilians!

    This guy is awesome!

    It’s not like he backed his rig up and bladed snow directly into there vehicles…

  12. scrubitkook says:

    why cant you get a good blow job in boston on the weekends? cuz all the cocksuckers are up here!

  13. Bronx Bomber says:

    He’s taking all of his frustration of being a Red Sux & Tom Brady fan out on his own people. What a loser. Massholes suck!

  14. hilarious says:

    “….like a potato factory!!!!!” hahahahahahhahaha

  15. Yep, sounds about right says:

    I don’t think he got fired so much for WHAT he was saying but as for HOW he was saying muther f-er to everyone living on the street.

  16. dumbguyfromsomewhere says:

    like tony montana pushin yay-o!??!? This dude needed a raise! not fired. Thats some bullcrap mang

  17. Dinglesnowberry says:

    effen massholes

  18. Ray says:

    If there was no soundtrack you’d think the guy was the greatest driver ever. His boss and the city manager are jerks.

  19. Wtf says:


  20. Proud to be from mass says:

    Boo hoo I have to shovel my car out. Instead of calling the state to complain, grab a shovel and shut up


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