Right now, it looks like the best conditions are in Colorado.  The overall winner is Wolf Creek with all its 1,600 acres open, 77 trails open, a 45” base.  Wolf Creek has the most acreage open and has the deepest snowpack in North America.  The other notables are A-Basin with 96 acres open and Loveland with 93 acres open.  Mountain High in California doesn’t have much acreage open yet, but they’ve got 11 park features up right now.



- Boreal = 1 lift open, 1 trail open, 6” base

- Mountain High = 2 lifts open, 2 trails open, 10 acres open, 10” base


- Arapahoe Basin  = 2 lifts open, 5 trails open, 96 acres open, 18” base

A-Basin webcam today

- Copper Mountain = 3 lifts open, 4 trails open, 42 acres open, 18” base

- Keystone = 5 lifts open, 4 trails open, 63 acres open, 18” base

- Loveland = 2 lifts open, 4 trails open, 93 acres open, 21” base

- Wolf Creek = 4 lifts open, 77 trails open, 1600 acres open, 45” base

Wolf Creek webcam today


- Sunday River = weekends only, 1 lift open, 1 trail open, 10” base


- Wild Mountain = weekends only


- Great Divide= weekends only, 1 lift, 1 trail, 12” base


-Timberline = weekends only, 13” base


- Killington = 2 lifts open, 5 trails, 16 acres, 20” base


- Lake Louise = 2 lifts open, 2 trails open, 17 acres open, 17” base

- Mount Norquay = weekends only

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  1. Katie D. says:

    That is great news. Looks like ski season is just about here!

  2. el extremo says:

    Anyone know when Mammoth is opening?

  3. TODD says:

    Nakiska is also open in Canada, weekends only…

  4. Some guy says:

    Not that it’s much of an improvement over 1, but boreal has 2 or 3 runs open depending on if you count the third

  5. EGB says:

    Guess I will have to get another powder day at wolf creek this weekend. shucks

  6. brian says:

    Snowbird and Alta have 100% of their terrain open, they just havent turned on any lifts yet. at least thats what you would have thought if you drove up little cottonwood this past weekend and looked at the tracks on the hill

  7. tee says:

    Yeah Timberline….if the snow sucks you can always chase your family around the hedge-maze with a butcher knife. Good times.

  8. kyle says:

    Mammoth opens on thursday with 5 lifts and about a dozen trails ona 12-24 inch base. Probably around 150 acres.


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